Dissing to be clever

Boy George keeps Tweeting bisexual jokes, and people are calling him “biphobic”

New Years Resolution: enrage the bis?

On Monday, as most of the world was trying to piece themselves back together after the long weekend, Boy George started sending an array of Tweets aimed at bisexuals, and he managed to ruffle quite a few bisexual feathers and hurt lots of feelings.

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It all began when the 55-year-old doubted Fadi Fawaz’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked after a series of Tweets suggested his lover George Michael committed suicide.

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“I was in a relationship with George Michael till I found him dead in bed,”read one of the tweets.

Here’s Boy George’s (now deleted) response:

This succeeded in upsetting this self-professed “long-time bisexual fan”: 

To which Boy George retorted: 

To his credit, Boy George did acknowledge that some people are rightly 100% bisexual: 

But this was not enough to quell a now-very-cross militia of Tweeting bisexuals, and Boy George is apparently responding to each and every one. 

This has now been going on for several days and counting: 

On and on…