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Boy George keeps Tweeting bisexual jokes, and people are calling him “biphobic”

New Years Resolution: enrage the bis?

On Monday, as most of the world was trying to piece themselves back together after the long weekend, Boy George started sending an array of Tweets aimed at bisexuals, and he managed to ruffle quite a few bisexual feathers and hurt lots of feelings.

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It all began when the 55-year-old doubted Fadi Fawaz’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked after a series of Tweets suggested his lover George Michael committed suicide.

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“I was in a relationship with George Michael till I found him dead in bed,”read one of the tweets.

Here’s Boy George’s (now deleted) response:

This succeeded in upsetting this self-professed “long-time bisexual fan”: 

To which Boy George retorted: 

To his credit, Boy George did acknowledge that some people are rightly 100% bisexual: 

But this was not enough to quell a now-very-cross militia of Tweeting bisexuals, and Boy George is apparently responding to each and every one. 

This has now been going on for several days and counting: 

On and on…

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    Wrong George died. Creepy (convicted?) sex offender

  • Brian

    I can understand why some fake-bisexual women would be offended. It’s always annoying to a woman when you point out to her that she uses sex as a commodity.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Maybe you guys didn’t get the memo but Boy George and George Michael NEVER like each other. As a matter of fact Boy George was notorious for referring to Michael as “she” when ever he mentioned him regardless of the reason. Back in the late 1990’s the had a public spat about their disdain for each other.

  • OzJosh

    Go George!! It’s nice to see a celebrity sticking to their guns in the face of stupid political correctness, rather than issuing the standard “sorry if I offended anyone” statement. Like most gay men, I could count the genuine bisexuals I have met on one hand, but I couldn’t even begin to count the number of men who claim to be bisexual as they peer timidly from the other side of the closet door, or use “straight/bi” because they fear the gay truth will fatally damage their masculinity. Frankly, calling out such homophobic nonsense is far more urgent than not offending the genuinely bi, who should be confident enough and smart enough to see that comments like George’s are not aimed at them.

    • adam_randall

      IMO, things were fine as soon as he said “I wasn’t saying some people aren’t legitimately bi”. That is how the joke came across initially, so outrage is understandable. Maybe saying you’re bi is a first step to coming out for some people, but I think if people criticize that, it only makes it more likely they’ll remain closeted (speaking from personal experience). I’m bisexual, and have a girlfriend, but that doesn’t make me any less bisexual.

  • Miss Understood

    He was making a flip joke not attacking bisexuals. This trend of getting outraged about every little thing is getting silly. Joking about something is not an attack. I’m all for joking about every and anything. We have a fascist about to take office, let’s not be attacking each other about some silly words.

  • BriBri

    This kind of petty bullshit is why Trump was elected. The other side is sick of us, straight and gay being victims of some contrived phobia. It’s time to grow up and develop a thicker skin.

  • BriBri

    Unless you want 8 years of Trump.

  • Oli1023

    Can’t believe you put quotation marks around the word biphobic, as if prejudice against bisexual people or bisexuality isn’t a real thing. How many times have we heard people questioning people who are bi if they are really just gay?

  • Louis

    @Miss Understood: Including cancer, people on welfare and mentally gifted Americans ?

    After all most republicans think both are absolutely hilarious HUMOR.

  • Louis

    @BriBri: Get over yourself already this is the same insensitivity that homophobes spew towards our community and have spewed towards our community for years in this country.

    I bet half the LGBT youth that killed themselves were also given the wise advice to GROW A THICKER SKIN that is never wise advice much less mature or educated advice it is the typical patriarchal neanderthal mentality so many of you possess and project towards others on a daily basis within this so called COMMUNITY.

  • Louis

    @Oli1023: Exactly ty one of the few actually empathetic and wise comments on this ridiculously divisive and incendiary article.

    Im so tired of people thinking they can hide behind the word PC over and over just so they can justify their uneducated prejudices and clear insensitivities and lack of actual understanding for that which they are completely incapable of understanding and educating themselves about to begin with.

  • SonOfKings

    I am one of those bleeding heart liberal types who can be easily offended when people use insensitive or bigoted language. But there was absolutely nothing offensive about what Boy George said. His original remark was targeting gay men who have pretended to be bisexual in order as a half-ass gesture at coming out of the closet. He clarified his remark by acknowledging that genuine bisexuals do exist. What more needed to be said? He is not biphobic. People are just oversentive and needed to find something more substantial to be outraged over. No one is going to be driven to suicide because Boy George made a joke about gay men and bisexuality.

  • robho3

    Boy George is so ‘D’ list who even gives a shit about what he says or thinks. He needs to just get a job at McDonald’s and go away.

  • inbama

    She’s certainly wittier than Milo Vomitopolous.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    It’s still common for not-quite-outs to use “bisexual” as a stepping stone, and that’s all he was making fun of. And “bisexual”-as-stepping-stone tends to make life more difficult for the real bisexuals.

    “To his credit, Boy George did acknowledge that some people are rightly 100% bisexual.” End of story.

  • jenbird

    Times have changed since the 70s and now more people use gay as a stepping-stone on the way to fully coming out as bi than vice-versa.

    Hopefully for the sake of the bi movement Boy George won’t be one of them.

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