Boy George’s Imprisonment Trial Begins

“A Norwegian escort told a court Monday that Boy George manacled him to a bedroom wall and beat him with a metal chain after accusing him of hacking into his computer. The former Culture Club singer is on trial for the false imprisonment of 29-year-old Audun Carlsen. […] Carlsen told London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court that he met the singer through a Web site and went to his London home for a naked photo shoot. After the encounter Boy George sent a series e-mails accusing Carlsen of hacking into his computer, but Carlsen nonetheless agreed to return for a second photo session several weeks later in April 2007. Carlsen told the jury that when he arrived Boy George and another man held him down and beat him before the singer handcuffed him to a hook in the bedroom wall. ‘George was slapping me and beating me and punching me and screaming things, Carlsen said.” [AP, earlier]

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  • Mike

    Can you find a picture of this Audun Carlsen? Really want to see what he looks like.

  • RNVP

    I hate to sound insensitive, but you got beat up by BOY GEORGE??? Really?

    I guess the Audun guy looks pretty flimsy, but still… Boy George.

  • Jack

    Oh Boy, George…you should have stuck with the cup of tea…

  • PuddyKatz

    Didn’t I read this about a year ago? Is this the same story or another episode for the Boy?

  • Phoenix (The Hippie Dippy Rainbow Warrior, Not the Pale One)

    @ RNVP,

    Boy George is no longer a boy. He should change his name to Severely Overweight Middle Aged George…and I think another guy helped him pin the model down and handcuff him.

  • James in BCN

    Damn it, George, you’re killing your fans with this bonehead shit! Can’t gurlfriend stay out of trouble for a while?! We ached with you over your love troubles in Culture Club, we fretted over your addition issues and then we cheered for you in your reinvention as a fab DJ. We even went to see you in your NYC appearances at Squeezebox, etc. Your wit and sensibility and human-ness made you shine through all the time, BUT, Gurl, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, YOU’RE A DRAG QUEEN AND ABOVE THIS KINDA SHIT. We’re going to have to strip you of all your Princess Points!

  • Darth Paul

    He and George Michael need to start a legal fund.


    Audun Carlsen is hot! Boy George finally lost it!
    So much crack!!

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