Brad Goreski, Michael Musto, Nick Adams: Queer Stars’ New Year’s Resolutions Revealed!

Joe Zee, Elle creative director/TV personality
1. Dinner before 9: In 2012 I’m going to practice making reservations with an 8 in it or even—gasp!—a 7. Learn all the presidents and state capitals: I grew up in Canada so American history was never my big thing, but hopefully that will change this year.

2. Learn how to cook Asian food: I love cooking and I approach each meal like a Top Chef challenge, but I have yet to conquer Asian food. Shocking, I know.

3. Talk, don’t text. Hell, isn’t that why Steve Jobs invented Facetime?

4. Get married: Or at least know I have the option to every where in this country.

Joe Zee hosts the Sundance Channel’s All On the Line, which has its second-season finale December 30.