Someone thought Brian Jordan Alvarez’ Grindr profile was fake & he posted the hilarious receipts

Alvarez (right) with Jimmie Fowlie

A funny thing happened to Brian Jordan Alvarez when he logged onto Grindr looking for a little companionship. The actor, known for his role on Will & Grace and for his prolific and high quality YouTube offerings, has taken to Twitter to share his experience.

“Met the love of my life today,” Alvarez tweeted, along with screen grabs of his conversation with another user. The screenshots detail a conversation wherein Alvarez had shared his identity, and his chat buddy couldn’t believe it was really him.

“Reported your fake profile,” the user snipes.

“Wouldn’t it be wild though if it was like really me?” Alvarez asks back. He also asked if the user was a fan which, all things considered, seems like a valid question.

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Needless to say, Alvarez’s Twitter followers had a field day with the exchange.

“Obviously Brian Jordan Alvarez isn’t on Grindr,” tweeted user Scott Gosnell. “He just snaps his fingers and hot boys hurl themselves through his open window. Duh.”

“PLEASE turn this into a novel,” begged user Philoween Thrills. “PLEASE. Or a dramatic reading. I will Venmo you the cost to adapt this. Just give me producer credit!”

We’d read that novel for sure.

No word on if said user ran across his own chat screenshots on Alvarez’s Twitter, or any of Alvarez’s romantic preferences.