Brian Jordan Alvarez’s home gym, Michael Turchin’s chest, & Keiynan Lonsdale’s Calvins

This week Amazon got caught censoring God’s Own Country, Nancy Pelosi called Trump “morbidly obese” on national television, and San Francisco’s oldest gay bar was forced to shut its doors. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Michael Turchin went for a run.

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Post-run malaise. #FreeTheNipple

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Trainer Seth G assembled his bike.

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I think I’m in love ? – – @ridecannondale

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Keegan Whicker stayed in bed.

Joshua M. Cruz unbuttoned his shirt.

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I’m so happy I started embracing my body and femininity. As you may already know, my weight has gone up and down for years and I always felt ashamed of my body hair (not anymore!). But something I was REALLY afraid of was expressing my feminine side. I had always been scared to show people I enjoyed voguing, wearing sexy underwear or even just crossing my legs while sitting on the train. I hated being so scared to show these sides of me but my insecurities were so much stronger than me and so I hid it as best I could. And then I asked myself, I’m trying to be this ultra masculine guy for who? Who am I trying to impress and why? Why do they deserve to be impressed by me? Why am I allowing myself to feel locked away in a cage just to be appealing to strangers? And so I started to feel more. Express more. I decided to break down a wall I had built to hide behind. And when I walked through the rubble I was smiling. Smiling because I decided that if someone wasn’t going to accept me for who I am then they don’t deserve me. But I accept myself and I want to love myself in every which way for every thing I am. Whatever you are struggling with ask yourself why you’re struggling with it? Often times the reason we are struggling with it is because we are so worried about how other people will perceive it. I still struggle with this but I know challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone will help me to grow. So here I am and here you are. Let’s love ourselves.? . . . #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealth #selflove #bodypositivity #melanin #underwearmodel #blackmalemodels #beard #beardgang

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Bruno Duarte opened up.

Staz Nair smelled the flowers.

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A LITTLE HUMAN PARTICIPATION NEEDED BELOW : ) In the spirit of trying to help one another, and sharing a little positivity as opposed to fear amidst the pandemic, I want you guys to COMMENT 2 THINGS you love doing that keeps you smiling and sane, and doesn’t cost money. Hoping we can inspire eachother to either try something new with all this time on our hands, or at least make eachother have a think about what makes us individually happy . For me, it’s walking/hiking /being in nature, and having a bath and reading/watching a show. COMMENT BELOW with your “free happiness” and have a read through other people’s comments and see if anyone’s else ideas inspire you. Ill be reading every one. X ?: @katherinenlg

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Bruno Alcantara wore a mask.

Ben Melzer took a break.

Tyson Beckford held some shirts.

Keiynan Lonsdale wore his Calvins.

Skylar Astin was thirsty.

Kelechi dropped his pants.

Derrick Gordon stayed hydrated.

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?The Daily Grind ???

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Daniel Matsunaga took a shower outside.

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Antonin the 2nd held himself.

Karl Schmid rowed at home.

Terry Miller went green.

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Green. • @tomoffinlandstore

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Brian Jordan Alvarez got sweaty.

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Big Dipper announced a new project.

Matthew Holehouse went to the river.

Ryan Cleary spent the day outside.

Dan Tai got his toes wet.

And Ricky Whittle worked out at home.

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Fit Friday ?? i didn’t want to waste the gift of time that this terrible pandemic has given me. I want to come out the other end a better person in as many ways as possible. Physically, mentally, spiritually. I’ve started Spanish lessons, piano lessons, painting, I’ve caught up with family and friends and tried to maintain my #health and #fitness #Motivation, discipline and the right mind set has been the most important part. So many mornings I wake up and don’t want to work out, I lack the energy to train or learn Spanish as I’d rather watch a movie or fall down a YouTube/podcast spiral. But it’s about suppressing that whisper that says do it tomorrow, or you don’t have time or the energy. I’m not in my best shape, haven’t learnt conversational Spanish yet and am nowhere near playing a recognisable tune, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. I don’t need to do them all each day or be great at any of it,but I need to do something to be better than I was yesterday, be it training, or learning something, moving that needle. Rest is important too, recharge those batteries but don’t let that become your norm or go to. That’s one Spiral that’s all too easy to fall into and is hard to get out of. Every long journey starts with a step. The first step was opportunistic in the time given that we will unlikely ever have again. I’m not at work filming,learning lines or travelling. My next step was to chose where I want to improve, grow and learn. Now step by step I try to walk that path improving my mind and body. I will never be perfect and always strive to be my best, do right by myself and others but I will leave this #lockdown a better human than when I entered. Sending nothing but #lightandlove out there. This won’t beat us if we don’t let it. Learn, grow, read, spread love, take time to reach out to friends, family. Stay safe and strong and look out for yourselves and each other. #positivevibes #quarantine #socialdistancing #staysafe #staystrong #bodyandmind #wegotthis ?? Ps y’all should be watching #AMERICANGODS ???? on #amazon prime video ?or on #Starz if you’re in #america ??

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