British Cuties Battle In Briefs, Murray Swanby Shows Off The Goods, Todrick Returns

Ellen Degeneres is currently accepting submissions for amateur British underwear models. Aren’t we all, Ellen; aren’t we all.

Alyssa Edwards goes gaga over Murray Swanby’s summer body. We guess it’s the time of year to ogle.

Are you afraid to talk to men? You aren’t alone.

R.IP. Garry Marshall. The iconic director gave us such classics as Pretty WomanBeaches and, sure, even The Princess Diaries. 


We will officially never have a cooler First Lady than Michelle Obama. If you missed her “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, don’t.

In the week’s creepier news (besides everything that happened at the RNC), a fashion student announced her plans to construct a handbag out of Alexander McQueen’s skin. Think he’d have approved? We’re torn.


So this transgender tribute to Beyoncé is pretty damn good.

Todrick Hall is feeling “Expensive” with Kim Chi, Alaska, Mariah & Laganja.