British Socialite David McIntosh Gets Naked For ‘Attitude’, Flashes His Neighbors

Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-10.19Our friends at the UK’s Attitude have scored a rather revealing interview with the beautiful David McIntosh, a “British socialite” Wikipedia describes as “having made a name for himself from dating famous women.”

This magazine is famous for convincing some of the hottest Brits to drop trou and go completely nude between its pages (ahem Dan Osborne), so naturally, McIntosh is posing without a shred of clothing, spread eagle in a chair with a vintage soccer mag covering his junk. “I do my exercise routines and make my protein shake naked,” he says.

When you have a body like this, you should probably just go ahead and do everything naked. McIntosh knows: “If you appreciate your body, why would you want to cover it up? You might as well show it off.”

Agreed. “I live in an apartment with buildings facing onto it, so when I walk around letting it all hang out I give the neighbors a bit of a shock,” he added.

Check out more from David’s interview over at Attitude, and download a digital copy of the full issue, including a cover feature with rugby star Thom Evans, here.

You can also check out David’s killer ass (and other things) on Instagram:

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    Dat ass!…Dat back!..Dat EVERYTHING!

    ..mostly dat ASS tho!!!

    Yay for my fellow Brit!! Now THIS is the kind of patriotism I can get behind!

  • Tackle

    This is strange for ME. About a week ago, would have thought this guy was super hot. But after being inundated with pictures of Jeremy Meeks, and cought up with the story, ( like lots of people, just having fun) the bar as to what is beautiful has been raised. Compared to Jeremy Meeks facially, this guy is very average.
    Body wise, just not into the whole steroid and “over” tatted look.

  • sejjo

    Oh my God, look what you’ve created!

  • James Hart

    I guess the word “socialite” doesn’t seem to have the meaning it used to have. I guess it now means gigolo.

  • hamoboy


    Have you seen a picture r video of Meeks when he opens his mouth? Eugh. His teeth ruined everything.

  • Tackle

    I have seen a couple of pics of him smiling, and other than the two gold caps on the sides, it doesn’t look too bad. But nothing that a modeling agency wont clean-up.

  • ted72

    He is a god among men

  • Sinnerxxs

    He’s pretty hot

  • Ringo

    Another photo of him hiding his privates, go big or go home.

  • Kangol

    Very hot! Please “show it off” and give us “a bit of shock,” PLEASE!

  • iltman

    @Ringo: Whilst I totally agree that I’d love to see the goods, the main pic is from Attitude, which is a gay mag here in the UK. Showing the goods would be problematic, as the mag would not be stocked by the major retailers, it’s the same reason DNA doesn’t do full frontal nudity in the print version

  • DarkZephyr

    This man is BEAUTIFUL and far more desirable to me than Jeremy Meeks who is a nasty, dangerous thug who took a couple of good pictures on good days.

    I am not normally into men who’s muscles are so huge but somehow on this beautiful guy, they are proportioned in such a way that I find him BEYOND sexy.

  • Mezaien

    The UK, is a totally SUCSS! like all England, but the HOMOS are hot big time M` m m

  • Random

    David’s one of those vain, straight guys who just loves showing it off as much as possible. And for that I love this hunk too!

  • bottom72

    ohhhhh my god so horny so hot

  • hex0

    Wayyyy hotter than that ugo criminal Jeremy Meeks. Great body.

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