Businesses More Gay-Friendly


The Human Rights Campaign just issued a report saying that American businesses are becoming more gay-friendly. Aside from the standard non-discrimination policies, companies continue working to expand their same-sex benefits and protections, as well as extend their wallets to more LGBT causes.

Daryl Herrschaft, the author of the report, says:

Corporations are rapidly adopting a more complete vision of fairness for GLBT employees in policy and practice…These findings reflect a common desire in organizations today to move at a heightened pace to implement fair and equal policies for GLBT employees and then work to publicize their achievements.

While we think that’s great, we wonder: how much does it have to do with actually building a stronger business and how much can be chalked up to good publicity? We don’t want to be cynics, but something tells us the balance leans one way and not the other. What’s your take?