Butt Pirates To Take High Seas!

It seems like former Village person and forever homosexual Randy Jones will be trading his chaps for an eye patch. The singer has teamed up with Carnival Cruises for an eight-day floating fag fest. Not only that, but legendary photographer Ron Galella will document the boat wreck for posterity, thus ensuring you have at least one thing to talk about at family reunions.

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering – why in the world would we want to spend more than a week of our lives cruising the ocean with Jones and his gay gaggle? Quite honestly, we don’t know. It sounds kind of…how do we put this delicately? Terrible.

While we may not be sailing with the ever-smiling Jones, we’re totally psyched about his new movie, Lawn of The Dead, which Jones describes as “a cross between Dawn of the Dead and Caddyshack in which a new fertilizer causes the dead to come back to life on a golf course built over a Civil War cemetary”. Zombie Civil War vets and Randy Jones? That may be the most deliciously campy thing we’ve ever heard. And, of course, we love it.

As for that cruise – if you’re interested, head on over to Alice Travel’s website, get their number, call it and ask for Phyllis. Also, be sure to poke around Jones’ virtual digs, too.