“Camp Lickalotta” Gets Eviction Notice After Neighbors Get Irate

Two lesbians are causing quite a controversy in North Carolina, where they hope to open a camp ground called – yes – Camp Lickalotta. The space would have been a “safe and non-threatening” environment for queer campers. Neighbors, however, were enraged at the news and said the lesbians should pitch their tents elsewhere.

The girls have since been issued an eviction notice and now the ladies are in search of a new location. While the ladies are weighing their options, some opponents are voicing their Kern-like objections:

: If they had just kept quiet about their purpose, most people probably wouldn’t have had any serious objections.

But that’s not really what the homosexual agenda is about. It’s about bringing sexual perversion out in the open, glorifying it, and forcing everyone else to accept it. If homosexual activists can’t do that, it’s not nearly as exciting, not nearly as much fun, not nearly as prideful.

I’m thinking that despite decades of erosion of moral values in America, there may still be enough sense of normality and what’s right that homosexuals, with this stuff and stuff like the transsexual bathrooms, are on the verge of overplaying their hand.

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