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Can Neal Boulton Save ‘HX’?

HX Media continues to – um – evolve…

Yesterday we informed you that HX Media-owned In Newsweekly will take a new direction with new staffers. Today we hear – or read – that HX honcho Matthew Bank has appointed Genre EIC Neal Boulton as HX magazine’s “editorial consultant”. Apparently the weekly fag rag hasn’t been doing so hot compared to competitor Next, which soared under recently departed editor Justin Ocean.

HX Media hired Boulton last year to revamp the ailing Genre. Though he thought his new direction cutting edge, we found it to be a bit too vapid – but that’s hardly a surprise. The magazine has found itself scandalized since Boulton began – not only did people, including this website, question the monthly’s unsavory relationship with GLAAD, but Boulton deceived his readers by setting up straight men to play a gay couple.

Anyway, now that you have some back story, here’s the official press release:

How do you make New York’s top local gay magazine sizzle even more? Bring in one of the superstars of gay publishing!

That’s what HX Publications has done. HX Media CEO Matthew Bank announced the re-launch of his print and online HX Publications today with a full redesign and new editorial direction helped by Genre Editor-in-Chief and magazine makeover man Neal Boulton, who the New York Times quoted as saying, “I am on the planet to sell magazines.” In addition, Boulton will be retained by HX Media as an Editorial Consultant. ”

Neal Boulton is a leading fixture in magazine publishing. He joined Genre magazine this past summer having spent three years as Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Fitness and making it one of the most successful publications in its category. He also served as Corporate Development Editor of Shape and Natural Health, also under the Weider Publications banner, putting a mark of success on all the publications he has worked with.

“We are extremely excited for Neal’s input,” said Bank. “He will certainly bring a renewed vitality to our publications and provide the design and spin our readers will love.”

When explaining his vision for the re-launch, Boulton said, “Just as the internet will never replace the tactile experience of print, meeting through the internet will never replace the primal nature of going out, having fun, and meeting new people. The new HX will build on it’s heritage of intensifying that experience by not only providing the best listings in town, but a new website with tools that can help you plan what you do, and the way to have the best time of your life every time you step out of your front door.”

We can’t imagine an existence based solely around HX – or any fag rag – and their recommendations. Oh, wait, yes we can: it’s hell!

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  • timmmyk

    ugh. what a streaming pile.

  • Fudgepacker

    Nothing can save that crappy ass magazine. Their release sounds like, as mentioned above, a “steaming pile.” They’ve made it smaller, have crappy paper, tons of crappy hooker ads and they call it “New York’s top local gay magazine??” I smell Bullshit. what do they use to define “top” anyway? certainly not readership or quality. maybe it is displayed physically on top of next at the bars? that’s the only thing i can think of. Next also owns its printing press, unlike HX. HX also routinely fires its entire staff “just because.” I love the ‘gay map of NYC’ that next has, I am surprised the geniuses at HX haven’t copied that yet.

  • Andrew

    I love HX and am excited to see where Neal takes the revamped magazine.

  • Johnnie R

    Get your facts right. HX Media did not bring in Neal Boulton for Genre. Genre is owned by Window Media. THEY are the ones who brought in Neal Boulton.

    Then again, Andrew can’t stand HX since they wouldn’t let him write for their magazine so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Anything anti-HX/Genre or anti-Matthew Bank/David Unger/Neal Boulton that comes up he just can’t wait to run to the computer and type it up.

    NO ONE CARES! Queerty serves itself better when it reports on LGBT happenings around the world and not when it decides to belittle and make fun of the former employers of the editor.

  • hunter

    i came across matthew bank’s profile on daddyhunt last night. he makes me want to vomit. his user name is CBP. look up that loser and laugh at him.

  • pansy-ass

    I’m still not over Neal’s blatent lying about the “gay” Genre cover models. Now I’ll never believe a word printed in HX.

  • SomeGirlsWhoKnow

    Jossip correctly calls Neal Boulton a pseudo Gay before they dump you here into Queerty, which is to say, he is not, but he plays a good one on the masthead of a major national gay magazine! Those of us who know him know how much of an opportunist he is. And a good one at that.

    Just a reminder from somegirlswhoknow. Great lay tho, and he’s the wolf of Wall St.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    HX is for the Crystal Crowd and naive tourists. Even NextRag (the more Evil sister Rag) advocates praying on tourists for drinks (New Year’s Eve). They both represent a small quotient of our getting-sadder hustler/go-go/drag queen dominated gay scene. Bring back MEN who want to have sex with MEN like the rest of the gay planet! Both deserve a better challenger and ethical workplace environments. Unionize and overthrow, my queer dears!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    American Smeardia is a Corporate suck-dog of the Right-wing faking a Gay agenda. Genre is just soft erotica for closeted straights and isolated gays.

  • SomeGirlsWhoKnow

    ON-A-STICK, the reason for that is because it’s Editor In Chief ain’t gay.

  • SomeGirlsWhoKnow

    Oh and thinking of dating Neal Boulton? Beware. You will always be second to his work, his obsession with his image, his career, his enless loud phone calls with his agent, and his parade of little black book girls. Sorry to dissapoint you boys.

  • Gregg

    Loser group of those who take the time to comment on this subject. Lets talk about real issues that matter to our community.

  • LA LA LA

    Dating Neal Boulton? I rather screw myself with a Matthew Rush dildo. He’s physically gross and as for his taste … double yuk!

  • Johnnie R

    Amen to that Gregg (even though I’m commenting again on this)…I’m not exactly sure how repeating bashing one publishing house out of HUNDREDS in the country and one very successful porn producer really matters when there are serious things such as the 2008 election and how the LGBT community may be getting shoved to the side in an effort to win votes

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Also, it’s the Mafia Crime Syndicate that flood newspaper boxes with Circuit Party glossies to keep gays on Crystal and clueless. HX, NextRag, the Deejays and the Club Promoters all are colluding together.

  • rocket queen

    somegirlswhoknow, you got it right on, damn…and you only just skimmed the surface!! You left out the repulsively self-satisfied, arrogant and INcredible part…but I think others have already got those covered here. yeah damn STRAIGHT never believe a word from Neal.

  • zoeywashdc

    Jossip please keep kicking this guys ass! And hell yeah Rocket Queen & Somegirlswhoknow! The only thing besides pussy and never having to sleep alone (sorry Claire) that Neal has mastered is money. He once took a business call (or was that you Claire!?) while fucking me on the morning before he appeared on The Today Show at the hotel he kept in town. Then was offended when I nearly kicked him out of bed. He is all charm and pillow talk. Before you are even awake he is already on his Blackberry hustling something or someone. Neal Boulton is a fun ride that always ends with you wondering what the hell just happened.

  • TheView

    He was at The View on 8th Avenue a week ago on their country music night making out with a red head GIRL. They watched the season debut of American Idol together, then Rodeo, smooching without a care in the world the whole time. Oh, and they left together, too. The bartender’s saw it all.

  • zoeywashdc

    Sounds like the Neal Boulton I know. He thinks he’s Mick Jagger or something.

  • rocket queen

    OH my GOD! HE ONLY WISHES HE WERE MICK JAGGER—HA! I hope he sleeps alone for the rest of his life. And I actually disagree about the great lay thing, well maybe sometimes, but not a THE GREAT LAY of my life AT ALL (if you know what I mean). so sorry, but knock that one off the plus list for Neal. Being THAT selfish kind of stands in the way of scoring a 10 in bed. But what I REALLY want to know is how he can get away with claiming gay for even a SECOND, especially to his bosses and shit who REALLY matter in all of this, when the vast majority of the people he fucks/uses/charms/”loves”/disgusts/leaves for dead/and repeat, which seems to be every night, are GIRLS!!! I think I’m going to be sick. But you know what, all of you? All of this miserable pathetic nauseating behavior must be a HUGE front for much much deeper issues than being tagged as pseudo-gay in front of his family by PageSix, which he planted anyway. He is going down, and FAST.

  • zoeywashdc

    By all means, down with the wolf of Wall St!

  • rocket queen

    ugg…I really hate that term. I guess he deserves it? He must love it though, so we’re just feeding the wolf here!! Maybe he should find another place to terrorize. How can he keep track of it all? the lies I mean. What an awful way to be.

  • girlswhoknow

    Rocket Queen you are correct. If he reads this it will only feed his dimented and already giant ego – which, sadly, is massively fueled even more by his idiot-Entourage-esqe asshole agent Jason who steers his every stupid move. Neal is an example of image-making and engineering. When I dated him he spent two hours a week in media training! And he was the kind of guy who yaked loudly with his “people,” saying shit like, “But Neal Boulton would never wear that.” I pray the movie he’s doing will be a flop. Good sex—bad person!

  • zoeywashdc

    I second that. Great sex – BAD! PERSON!

  • rocket queen

    Wait, isn’t the whole idea here to discuss, or confirm rather his inability to succeed, whatever pretentious quest it may be HX, Genre? So the answer is OBVIOUSLY NOT, as true innovation requires dedication, focus, and strong moral principles…all of which Mr. Boulton thoroughly lacks. Of course he doesn’t care if his models were/are gay, only if they appear to be so (& maybe work for free?)!! And as for bad taste, I second that, as most of the new Genre under his reign is just shockingly generic, played out oh GOD ..so while he’s out taking some poor GIRL for a fucking ride (as in deceive, not FUN) he should be…..working? with his FAM? or a MAN? what’s an even a better word for FRAUD? too many skeletons in his closet to close the door.

  • zoeywashdc

    Allow me to confirm, he will always, sadly, succeed. BUT he will soon fall from grace because one by one his ex girl tricks are cuming forward (ha) and will tell the truth that will oust him from his only for money job at Genre and HX. Ulysees, Pastis, Cipriani—-ASK THE BARTENDERS WHO COVER FOR HIS ASS. Stop the management who bars the photogs from shooting him NOT WITH JANN WENNER but any random cunt he drags in to wine and dine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • girlswhoknow

    His ‘wife’ is worse. She’s got a roster of women SHE is fucking! The two of them are WHORES!

  • zoeywashdc

    Too true. She’s a cunt AND a whore.

  • girlswhoknow

    Oh my, Gwen, Melinda, Zoey (hi honey), Vicky, Jenn Motruk, Jovette, Kim Kitchens, so many more. Sorry girls, but I know, I was his assistant, and I have all of your numbers and emails. You can thank me for protecting you UNTIL NOW.

  • zoeywashdc


  • rocket queen

    girl who obviously knows everything: you mean he was fucking his assistant (you!!!) I guess that figures, knowing him…so who are you protecting? or no longer protecting? no judgements, but seems it went all wrong as always with him,seeing certain reactions of yours here!! why would you out these poor girls RIGHT NOW? god I must be naive but I’m a bit shocked (un)impressed by the lengthy list that goes on even. but what does this accomplish. what are you going to do call them (if I’m still under the radar i hope) and strike?

  • who gives a damn

    Can anyone tell me why the hell is this even relevant??? It’s more than obvious that rocket queen, girlswhoknow, and zoeywashdc are all the scank!!! Why does queerty allow such childish behavior? What is this? Kindergarten? This guy Neal is who again? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

  • rocket queen

    The crucifixion of a nobody. And life is kindergarten, no one ever evolves socially it seems on one level or another. The point is exposing consensual STRAIGHT sex with a duplicitous man, who happens to be relaunching HX among other GAY pubs, thus reaffirming his status as a total fraud. He makes a so-called mockery of us women INCLUDING his wife, and we return the favor. it’s a free space for defamation of anything at all, yes, who does give a damn?! BTW I appreciate your comment and admit that boredom is driving these thoughts today. Not a scank though for even a second, just in the wrong bed fucking at the wrong fucking time. oh yes.

  • zoeywashdc

    Newsflash. Neal has moved back in with Claire. How the hell could she take him back!!!!?? Best of luck Claire. Just because he has your name tatoo’d on his arm, rides a bike, and “serenades” to you on his guitar (I read the Dec. Genre Ed Letter, too!!!) don’t think he won’t be fucking anything that moves as he gives his lame $10,000 speaches! Sam, John, Brian – all of them cover for his ass, too. GOOD LUCK babe!

  • girlswhoknow

    Rocket Queen you are so right. I am just bitter. I get sucked into his charm then furious about his ability to just BOUNCE. No calls back, no fucking explanation. He just hops on his bike and rides away. Argh! Speaking of Tatoos Zoey – he has a bunch of hot ones way beyond the one that reads C L A I R E. If only he weren’t obsessed with his stupid ass career he’d actually be a good catch.

  • rocket queen

    well MIRROR, MIRROR, I say….yes, the tats are pretty fuckin hot. but do not make up for all of the other horrid and quite permanaent flaws beneath…ground we have already covered here in great detail. yes, back in bed with claire, but for how long this time, we ask? i’m sure one of these lovely sirens will lure him back into his underworld soon enough. SO, dare I ask, WHO IS THE FAIREST of them all?

  • rocket queen

    Ohhhh hellllo!!! It looks like there’s much more smut where this comes from. OMG, really OMG what is going on here in la la land? I think this here is all there is to say, and I’ll be moving on, already have. Probably you should too girlies.

  • HenrysAshes

    Girls settle down. He may like the roast beef curtains but he also likes a big polish sausage every once in a while. Cynthia M. Phearson know what I’m talking about…

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