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Carl Paladino Has No Problem With Adviser Roger Stone Marching In ‘Disgusting’ Gay Pride Parade

Who’s the fella with the raised eyebrows at the NYC Gay Pride Parade? Oh, just Roger Stone, the one-time Ronald Reagan political strategist now leading former madame Kristin Davis’ New York gubernatorial campaign. Oh, and he’s also an adviser to Carl Paladino (apparently not a conflict of interest), the guy who says gay pride parades are “disgusting” because “grown men grind against each other.” Stone’s former driver, Michael Caputo, is now Paladino’s campaign manager, and he’s defending his old boss’ parade patronage: “Roger Stone did not take young children to the parade, and he is welcome to live his life as he pleases. And, by the way, if this is the worst you have on Roger Stone, you aren’t trying very hard.” There’s another photo of Stone licking the breast of “fitness model” Kat ForTra (airquotes not ours), said to be one of Davis’ campaign volunteers. Though it all makes sense: Davis’ biggest platform bullet points are the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage.