Carl Paladino Is The Real Victim In The ‘Dysfunctional Gays’ Saga

Carl Paladino says he is the one who’s owed an apology, by “The Media,” for attacking him over having the words “dysfunctional homosexual” in his speech script but never actually saying them. Yeah boyyy, play that victim card!

“I think I made a very, very clear statement,” he told The Early Show this morning. “The people at the Daily News and the [New York] Post that continue this pariah attitude that they’ve got to come and chase me for every darn thing, I think they owe me an apology at some point. … This thing was highlighted only because of the words that were on a written statement that I did not speak. I crossed them out. They were unacceptable to me and that’s the only reason we are talking about it today because those words were given by someone to the press and the press, in their own pariah way, needed to write something … so that’s why this thing gets like this.”

Not giving apologies: Paladino, for his belief in marriage discrimination. Which he’s standing behind. So it’s gonna be so much fun when Paladino starts calling Cuomo an anti-Semite.

Also not giving apologies: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the notorious Brooklyn bigot who’s credited with preparing Paladino’s script.

UPDATE: It was a trifecta for Paladino today! He was on Today and Good Morning America too!

Paladino will “actively” seek out gays to put in his administration of elected, the candidate says, because he “has no problem with it whatsoever,” so long as none of them try getting married. He just doesn’t like young people being forced into the homosexual cabal because they will be “exposed” to a lifestyle that will expose them to so much discrimination. (Also: Pray your child doesn’t turn out black!) Also, he doesn’t want kids going to gay pride parades, where men are wearing Speedos: Cuomo “took his daughters to a gay pride parade. Is that normal? Would you do it? Would you take your children to a gay pride parade? … I don’t think it is proper to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other. It’s disgusting.”

Paladino says that while his own nephew says being gay isn’t a choice, he still isn’t sure about whether he chose to be straight. Meanwhile, his real problem is with those radical gay pride parades, where men are dancing around in bikinis acting all gay with each other. Children shouldn’t be exposed to that, he says. Instead, let their parents drive ’em down the freeway with billboards for heterosexual strip clubs plastered everywhere.