Carmen Carrera shows private parts in Life Ball ad

David LaChapelle captures trans model Carmen Carrera as both 'Adam' and 'Eve' on the Life Ball 2014 poster
Life Ball 2014 Poster – Image source: Out Magazine

Ex-Drag Race contestant Carmen Carrera doesn’t want you talking about her private parts. Still, she put them on full display in these hot ads for the annual Life Ball, revealed in Vienna back in 2014.

We don’t know whether the private parts in this ad belong to Miss Carrera. It’s safe to assume they’ve been Photoshopped onto her body. Either way, you can see the full, uncensored shots here.

Planned each year by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE, the Life Ball is one of the largest AIDS charity events in the world. Attracting celebrities, artists, designers, activists, and politicians from around the globe. The Life Ball is also recognized for its breathtaking live performances focusing attention on AIDS awareness.

Photographer David LaChapelle meeting at IUAV University, 2017 in Venice, Italy
Photographer David LaChapelle meeting at IUAV University, 2017 in Venice, Italy

Photographer David LaChapelle says the two advertisements, showing trans icon Carmen Carrera with both a penis and vulva, fit the event’s theme:

“Gender lines are blurred and every person is unique in how they see themselves. For me the body is more than something to be looked at as an object of sexual gratification. The body is a beautiful housing for the soul that we are celebrating in this picture.”

David LaChapelle on his art direction for the Carmen Carrera photoshoot

Carrera famously told Katie Couric earlier that year that she was offended by people talking about her genitals. On the topic of this advertisement, she says, “Your gender should not matter in your heart or in the way you express your personality.”

So what’s your take on all of this? We personally think it’s her body, she can do whatever she wants. Slay, queen!

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