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Casey DeSantis’ latest attempt to boost her husband’s campaign goes haywire & Meghan McCain’s not helping either

Casey and Ron DeSantis
Casey and Ron DeSantis (Photo: X/Shutterstock)

Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, attempted to drum up more support for her husband online yesterday. Her latest spin on her husband’s failing campaign was to spin his unpopularity as… a positive point?

“What does it tell you when the DC Establishment, the Corporate Media and the Left are all against you… Honestly, it should tell you absolutely everything,” she said. “Enough of the elites imposing their will against us, it’s about damn time we impose our will on them!”

Ron DeSantis has consistently lagged former President Donald Trump in polls among Republican voters by around 45-50 points.

Online, many were quick to point out that it wasn’t left-wing media Casey needed to worry about.

Others shot down her attempt to portray her husband as an Ordinary Joe fighting “the man.”

One person Casey can count on for support is former The View co-host Meghan McCain. The latter used her Daily Mail column yesterday to echo Casey’s view, saying, “There isn’t a person in the 2024 race that has been on the receiving end of as much unrelenting negativity as the Florida governor.”

“Notice how the forces arrayed against him – on the left and the right – are united around a single narrative that a candidate’s personality matters more than actual accomplishments.”

McCain, who is John McCain’s daughter, in case anyone forgot, went on to argue, “Is personality such an important quality? Some of America’s greatest Presidents have been introverts.”

Hmmm. It would appear that in a crowded field of candidates, personality does matter. 

DeSantis was interviewed yesterday on Fox News and was asked about comments over his lack of “charisma”. He claimed some of the criticism was “manufactured”