Castro’s Niece Champions Gay Rights


After sending gays to work camps and denying them basic human rights for decades before homosexuality was legalized in 1979, Cuba is now poised to become one of the most gay-tolerant countries in Latin America if Mariela Castro has her way. Ms. Castro is the niece of Cuban President Fidel Castro and head of the government’s National Centre for Sex Education, which advocates for gay rights in Cuba.

The work they have done so far has centered around AIDS prevention and also in promoting a federally funded soap opera with gay characters. However, it seems that Ms. Castro is ready to tackle the “partnership” issue. When asked directly about whether she will campaign for legal gay marriages, she tip-toed around, saying, “We do not know what we will propose. It depends on what we identify as homosexuals’ and lesbians’ main needs. Marriage is not as important in Cuba as in other more Catholic countries. Here consensual pairing is more important, what matters is love.”

Even if only a civil union law was introduced, it would put Cuba far ahead of every other Latin American country (and the United States) on gay rights.

Gay revolution hits Cuba

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  • dizzyspins

    Wow–do you chew on propoganda or just swallow it whole?

    Who cares if gays can marry in Cuba? They cant come and go as they please, they cant vote Castro out of office and they sure as hell cant write blogs about everything under the sun. Would the Jews in Nazi camps care if the Germans gave them great dental care? (Not that the Cubans have as bad, but the point is basic freedoms come first).

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