Cat Man + Bike + Pop Tart + Rainbow Flag + Meow Song = WTF??!

Wanna watch a guy in a cat mask and leotards, with a blueberry PopTart for an arm bicycling manically to a weird meowing song? Can 135,000 views in just two days be wrong?

Apparently “Nyan Cat” is an old internet meme that’s gotten more than 9 million YouTube hits. Michele Jaret, Pete Houser, and Dominique Curtis decided to make their own live action version of the meme which, to say the least, is weird and generally annoying. Houser and Curtis apparently work in advertising—have they created the next gay viral video? Is a video automatically gay just because it has a rainbow flag and a man in tights? Are hypothetical questions in writing a cop out?

Do you want to see the original, animated “Nyan Cat” video? Yes… yes you do.