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PHOTOS: Catch Up With Models On Social Media

aaron-valezuelaModels showing off their beautiful bodies and faces on social media is not only a gift for me or you but for everyone. We all love pretty people. This week The Underwear Expert’s underwear model social media round up, we caught some of our favorite underwear models doing what they do best: looking pretty. This week appears to be all about the hot flannels, steamy shower condensation, and sharp jaws, who can complain about that?

From Jason Wimberly walking for the Marco Marco show to Chris J Marchant getting ready for Christmas and Aaron Valenzuela’s declaration that “skin is always in fashion.” Check out some of the top model social media moments in the photos below. Warning: Looking at this photos may cause light panting and the need for a cold shower, proceed with caution.

locky-brownlie grayson-gilbert chris-j-marchant dimitri-genco jonathan-ackley

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.