Catholic School President Urged To Resign After Revealing Same-Sex Relationship

130702084349_Dr. William Hudson Former Totino Grace President“I need to be truthful about my life,” said William Hudson, former President of Totino-Grace High School in Minnesota. After nearly nine years of employment as an administrator at the Catholic institution, he issued a letter of resignation this week after fellow administrators learned of his committed same-sex relationship with a partner of 18 years.

In the statement, Hudson said he had traditionally put church before family, but after details of his personal life began surfacing, it was “freeing to be open about the most important thing in my life.” Though the decision was “heartbreaking and painful,” he’s excited to now live an “authentic life” with his partner and two children.

Both Hudson and school officials say the resignation was voluntary, but interviews with other administrators suggest he may have been urged to do so.

Hudson’s relationship was revealed during a meeting with co-presidents of the school’s corporate board, Mark Motzel and Mary Wilcox, after the pair had asked him “whether there was anything he felt [they] should know.”

Shortly after Motzel and Wilcox learned that Hudson was in a same-sex relationship, the school issued a release stating that “leading a Catholic school while living in a committed same-sex relationship is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic church.”

Hudson’s resignation comes just months after an Ohio Catholic school teacher was fired for being a lesbian. Meanwhile, the leaders of this fine world religion are finding gay hookups online and hiring “desperate” Rentboys for public quickies.

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[Image: NBC News]