Hell On Wheels?

Christians Use Highway To Fight Homosexuality


We’ve heard of a highway to hell, but a highway to heaven? That’s just ridiculous, but some people seem to believe it: The 700 Club recently featured some Christian warriors who are using US I-35 for an anti-queer crusade. Via Right Wing Watch:

A number of Christians have come to believe, because of recent prophecies, dreams, and visions, that I-35 is the highway spoken in Isaiah 35, verse 8: “And a highway will be there, it will be called the way of holiness.”

…[Heartland Ministries’ Hill] believes God has an awesome plan that starts along I-35. “Let’s draw a line in the center of America, set people on fire, get young people saved, get moms and dads saved, get churches on fire, get holy, and watch how it affects the rest of America.”

“What do we expect to see?” [said Cindy Jacob.] “We expect laws to be changed in cities. We expect righteous leaders. We expect a movement, a reformation that will literally sweep the face of the earth.”

Someone better tell these fools that I-35 only goes through America.