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Christopher Ciccone Still Hating His Sister Madonna


It’s one thing to have a brother who despises you. It’s another to have a brother who writes a tell-all book about you. But it’s an entirely other matter to have a brother who makes fun of your appearance. Oh, poor Madonna.

Christopher Ciccone, who wrote mean thing about his famous sister, is now going after her look.

“She looked like Rachel Zoe gone horribly wrong!” he says, in a nod to her MTV Video Music Awards speech. ot that Rachel Zoe gone right would be any less backhanded.

He wasn’t done. Not when Madonna keeps Jesus Luz around. “It proves the point that you can judge a person by the company they keep— or don’t keep. … It’s painfully apparent that Jesus may be able to turn water into wine, but your basic blow dryer eludes him.”

Well. Bless Mr. Ciccone and his lame insults, proving all gays aren’t terribly great at cattiness.