Colorado Bakery Celebrating Dog Marriages Refuses To Service Gay Weddings

wed3“We shouldn’t let men marry men,” said random homophobe. “What’s next? They’ll want to marry their couches, and their dogs!”

Very close, random homophobe. We don’t want to actually marry our dogs, but we will try to have our dogs marry each other. And according to Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorodo, marrying two dogs is far more legitimate than marrying two people of the same sex.

Stephanie Schmalz and her partner Jeanine were on the hunt for cupcakes to feed guests at their commitment ceremony back in January. The couple wasn’t surprised after being turned away by the notoriously homophobic owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop, but they were rightfully offended.

Jack Phillips, the bakery’s owner, has been in hot water before for refusing service to a number of gay couples in the Denver area, telling one that he “would not provide cakes for pedophiles,” and another that his policy is based on “reading of the word of God.”

Shortly after Phillips refused to work with the lesbian couple, Schmalz gave him a call back. This time, she requested a cake for Roscoe and Buffy, two dogs that were celebrating a small marriage ceremony with 20 other guests. Phillips gave Schmalz a quote, and asked for the wedding date.

After consulting with the ACLU of Colorado, the couple has filed a complaint against the company for “using beliefs as an excuse to disrespect and discriminate against customers.” The number of complaints against this particular baker have landed him a court date this fall, where he’ll need to come up with a better defense than “God” if he plans to keep his business running.

In the meantime, we wish the best for Roscoe and Buffy!

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  • Dev

    I will never understand why people try to bait homophobes. Let them have their tired old beliefs and go support a bakery in the community. If you know they’re bigots, why engage? Why are you even requesting their services?

  • LpLover

    @ Dev..I agree

  • SteveBmke

    To continue to point out the fact that they discriminate. That’s why Dev. If you were Black and a restaurant would not serve you, would’t you continue to sit at a booth until they threw you out, called the cops or you were able to have a day in court? Get real. Order the cake and throw it on the street in front to the bakery.

  • Dywane

    We can not allow Discrimination of any kind stand because it is not right and as far as all these people quote scripture the bible is not the word of god it is the word of man the Vatican picked what books and parts they wanted in the Bible to Further There own Agenda and we now there was a lot of corruption in the Church in those days, there’s corruption now (child sexual abuse Scandal)so why should we follow a book that 1. is not complete, 2.has been the Basis for more wars than can be counted 3. is basically outdated the bible. If you follow everything in the Bible Slavery would still be around and women would not have equal rights. these parts of the bible where deemed as being a cultural representation of the times and not what was Gods will and there are many more verses condoning slavery than there where Versus on homosexuality so we need to educate the uneducated and inform the uninformed we can not allow discrimination of any kind to stand unless we want to bring back slavery just because that was condoned in the Bible its time for all Christians to realize that we do not live in biblical times and its time to move into the 21st century

  • 1EqualityUSA

    These dogs look related.

  • erasure25

    @Dev: Ignore it and the problem will go away ……. Is a solution that never works!!!!! Goodness gracious. No wonder we don’t have equal rights yet…. Because of all y’all’s willingness to accommodate discrimination.

  • Homophile


    So according to your logic it’s fine for a business to refuse to serve black people?

  • yaoming

    How do we know those dogs aren’t gay?
    Seriously, how did the baker get from lebians getting married (or “committed”) to pedophiles? Did he hear the customer call in and say: “Hi, I’m getting married to an eight-year-old and I need some cupcakes?” Maybe it was the cupcake order that made it sound like a children’s party.

  • Yiannis

    @yaoming: LOL

  • Cam


    Is this a joke? So they gay folks are bad for filing a complaint against a business that is breaking the law by discriminating.

    So if there was only one gas station in a small town and that station wouldn’t sell gas to Asians I guess Asians shouldn’t complain about it, they should just drive 50 miles to get gas at a station in the next town?

    Wow, sorry, some folks don’t want to spend all their time apologizing for being gay.

  • Volvoguy

    I’m sure there are plenty of bakeries in the Denver area, why would gay people even consider going to
    this a-hole. Find a gay friendly baker and it will get out how they accepted their gay money.
    Wait long enough and the dinosaurs do fade away.

  • Cam


    Yes, of course it’s the gays fault that this person is a bigot and violating the law.

  • Christopher

    That 1 dog is a bitch.

  • Christopher

    I can’t believe buffy got married.She’s such a bitch.

  • StephSchmalz

    HI –

    Thanks for all the support here. We were just driving, doing errands and saw the cake shop at a stop light. We decided, on a whim, to stop and see what they had to offer and get ideas. We obviously had no idea their belief system/agenda.

    As for calling back and asking about the dogs… I just had to know their thoughts on other “unions” – which is what we called our ceremony, not a wedding (CO doesn’t allow samesex marrige in the state yet) – and I picked the craziest scenario I could think of to prove my point.

    We did use another bakery, obviously, and everything turned out GREAT. Cakes Amore in Littleton is the BEST!!

    Thanks again for the support!

    Take care,

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