Colton Haynes, Lady Gaga, Beyonce & More Urge America To VOTE


Early voting saw record numbers this year, and it’s no real mystery why.

Everyone (including us) is ready for this election to be over.

But fatigue is by no means a good excuse not to exercise your right to cast a ballot, and if you haven’t heard, today happens to be election day. Finally.

If you’ve yet to make your choice, find your local polling place and VOTE for chrissake.

To help get you in the mood, here are ten celebrities with messages to that affect (OK, maybe they want you to vote for one person in particular):

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Corsets off. LET DO THIS. #Election2016 Spread the word to #GoVote

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Let's go you modern suffragettes, go put on your hats and #GoVote ? "Corsets Off!"

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Ya heard? @plannedparenthood

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VOTE?? FOR ?? H.R.C.?? @bros4hillary

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If you don't vote, you're an asshole. Photo: @adamouahmane

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