Bad Breath

Couple convicted of murdering gay man they met on Grindr with “Devil’s Breath”

Joel Osei and Diana Cristea

An Irish court has convicted a heterosexual couple, Joel Osei, 25, and Diana Cristea, 18, of the murder of Adrian Murphy. The couple met Murphy on Grindr and proceeded to drug and rob him using a strange substance known as “Devil’s Breath.”

The Mirror reports that police arrested Osei & Cristea in June 2019, following the discovery of Murphy’s body in a London flat. The pair had tried to steal Murphy’s identity to procure $80,000 worth of diamonds. They did not succeed.

Law enforcement had investigated the drug overdose of another man the couple allegedly met on Grindr just days before in the same location. His name has not been made public to protect his identity.

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A jury convicted Osei & Cristea of administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life, two counts of theft and eight counts of fraud. They will face sentencing December 14.

Following the verdict, Murphy’s brother Robert made a statement to the press.

“The world is full of sameness, but this could not be said of our brother Adrian,” Robert said.”Adrian brought the love and art of dance to thousands of young people all over the world. He made so many loyal friends who are so sad at his untimely passing as he was an inspirational Irishman, who was a gifted dancer and choreographer. He was also very funny and made everyone laugh at his hilarious stories. He had the gift of bringing people together. Our family is heartbroken that Adrian is no longer with us.”

p:nth-of-type(6)","type":"performPlaceholder","relativePos":"after"}" data-placeholder-placeholder="" data-response-start="4641.45500000086" data-type="placeholder">“Devil’s Breath,” once thought to be something of an urban legend, is a slang name for the chemical scopolamine. The drug has legal uses in small doses, such as anti-motion sickness medications. When inhaled in large quantities, however, it has immediate, serious effects including fast heart rate, dilated pupils, toxic psychosis, confusion, vivid hallucinations, seizures or coma. In South America, Devil’s Breath has become a popular drug among thieves and rapists who use it to incapacitate victims prior to an attack.