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“Cowardly Log Cabin Republicans” Read For Filth For Stance On Trump

Donald Trump

Even if Trump actually were “pro-LGBT,” LCR should have opposed Trump based solely on his racist attacks on immigrants (who include LGBT people), and Muslims (who include LGBT people), and for his misogynistic attacks on women (who comprise more than half the LGBT population, just as in the general population.) The group should have been opposed to Trump for his attacks on other marginalized groups — and for his promotion of sexual assault in a leaked tape, followed by accusation after accusation by women over the past month…And yet, [LCR] wouldn’t or couldn’t admit that those other truths about Trump were likely a deciding factor [in their non-endorsement]. Another reason why the Log Cabin Republicans, in the end, are cowardly and craven.”— Michelangelo Signorile, in a delightfully scathing article for Huffington Post entitled “Cowardly Log Cabin Republicans Finally Admit Truth: Donald Trump Is A Menace To LGBT Rights”.

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  • JerseyMike

    Log cabin republicans are no different than Liberal democrats. They don’t care about racism, sexism unless its about them.

    • dwes09

      I believe you have your parties mixed up, or are indulging in that stupid “alternative fact” bullshit. But that is what we expect of the regressives!

  • Alistair Wiseman

    The local Log Cabin chapter here in Los Angeles endorsed Donald Trump for president. However, I’m sure the intellectually challenged Michelangelo Signorile still believes they are “cowardly and craven” as well.

    • dwes09

      And stupid. A stupid endorsement by stupid people. And that stupidity will be obvious to even them before his 4 years are over.

  • captainburrito

    @JerseyMike: How do you explain the whites that supported black civil rights or non gays supporting lgbt rights?

  • scotshot

    @JerseyMike: No, no. False. But we don’t care about *ssholes like you.

  • scotshot

    @Alistair Wiseman:

    I’ve never understood why the oppressed support their oppressor, as you’re a very good example.

    Feel free to pretend you’re intellectually superior, your rhetoric suggests otherwise.

  • joeyty

    Signorile is bitter he’s losing his significance as U.S. gays gain equality in almost all areas. He’s like the gay Jesse Jackson saying he wants to cut Obama’s balls off.

  • Mo Bro

    You gay libs are astonishing in your arrogance that anyone who ascribes to a different ideology than you is somehow evil in their intentions.

    Or is this just more manufactured outrage intended to further divide the lgbt community?

    And may I point out . . .

    Wanting to keep illegal immigrants out isn’t [email protected] in the slightest, it’s called the law;
    Islam isn’t a race—duh—so that’s not [email protected], either, but nice try;
    Anyone who feigns surprise that Donald Trump was once a womanizer is disingenuous in the least. Let’s not forget that Trump is only accused of misconduct or simple assault, whereas liberal icon Bill Clinton has been accused of flat-out rape (which you never seemed to notice, much less freak out over).

    • dwes09

      Incredulity over the stupidity of people like you is not arrogance at all.
      And Trump has (if one is not lost in a universe of “alternative facts”) been accused of sexual assault. He stands on the same level as Clinton in that regard, but has less to otherwise redeem him as a human.

      As for “dividing the LGBT community”. Are you so dull as to not see it is you and your self-hating regressive cronies who are doing that? You are the ones who wish to see us stripped of employment protection, marriage equality and all our hard won advances. You are the ones who will ejaculate with delight when the white supremacists feel even more empowered than they do at the moment.

      You guys have a shockingly tenuous grip on reality. Kind of like when my people were loaded on the trains in Poland and Germany…some of the really dull ones must have said “well, at least we will be up in the country!”

  • joeyty

    @Mo Bro: Dude, it’s just Silly Signorile and Queerty (a site that says Northern Ireland is Catholic). We’re not talking about great intellects here.

  • Mo Bro

    You’re right.
    Deep breath.
    Perspective regained.
    Thanks, bud.

  • joeyty

    @Mo Bro: The general public (gay and straight) is more stable and sensible. Most blog types tend to be fixated extremists. I’m guilty of that myself.

  • gayjim1969

    @Mo Bro: Donald Trump has not “only [been] accused of misconduct or simple assault,” He and Jeffrey Epstein, his convicted pedophile billionaire friend, are accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1994: a December 16th hearing date has been set for Donald Trump to appear at the US Federal Court New York South building for this case.

  • Louis

    @Mo Bro: Incorrect Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year old girl as well as molesting other women and assaulting them .

    Get your facts straight before acting superior .

  • Mo Bro

    Yeah, I looked that up.
    Reported by the likes of HuffPo, Snopes, Daily Beast.
    Mainstream news won’t touch it, even though they’re out to destroy Trump.
    Wonder why?

    • dwes09

      Were you bright enough to look objectively at Trump’s appointments and statements you’s know why the conventional (read: legitimate) press is out to “destroy him” (read: report honestly). He is turning “the swamp” into a cesspool of corruption and incompetence.

    • dwes09


  • baggins435

    Not to mention the GOP’s platform intends to repeal same-sex marriage, and their eternal fight to stop future anti-discrimination laws and repeal existing ones. The GOP are in no way, shape, or form, friends of LGBT people.

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