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“Cowardly Log Cabin Republicans” Read For Filth For Stance On Trump

Donald Trump

Even if Trump actually were “pro-LGBT,” LCR should have opposed Trump based solely on his racist attacks on immigrants (who include LGBT people), and Muslims (who include LGBT people), and for his misogynistic attacks on women (who comprise more than half the LGBT population, just as in the general population.) The group should have been opposed to Trump for his attacks on other marginalized groups — and for his promotion of sexual assault in a leaked tape, followed by accusation after accusation by women over the past month…And yet, [LCR] wouldn’t or couldn’t admit that those other truths about Trump were likely a deciding factor [in their non-endorsement]. Another reason why the Log Cabin Republicans, in the end, are cowardly and craven.”— Michelangelo Signorile, in a delightfully scathing article for Huffington Post entitled “Cowardly Log Cabin Republicans Finally Admit Truth: Donald Trump Is A Menace To LGBT Rights”.