Cows For Equality: The Moo Moos Revolt Against Chick-fil-A

Know what we all love? Internet memes, and hating on companies that don’t like our kind! That’s why you loved this and this. It’s also why you’ll love Get Mor Equal, a site produced by an as-yet unidentified blogger and Queerty reader, who says, “So once Chick-Fil-A’s donations to anti-gay groups came out, I got to thinking about a way to poke some fun at them; boycotting is great, but it’s such a private endeavor. Anyway, I arrived at the idea of trying to co-opt their long-running ad campaign and give it a gay spin. Cows for equality, so to speak, boycotting Chick-Fil-A and spreading a message of LGBT tolerance and love. I ended up with this.” Win! My only suggestion: Have actual people start dressing up in cow costumes, and go around the country like the NOH8 campaign, photographing equality-loving beef products. [Get More Equal]