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Creepy screenshots from disgraced congressman Wes Goodman’s Snapchat account circulate online

More explosive allegations have been lodged against disgraced Ohio state Rep. Wes Goodman, the married “family values” Republican caught having sex with a man in his office earlier this month.

The right-leaning millennial-focused online news outlet IJR has obtained reports from over two dozen individuals who claim they’ve had awkward and inappropriate experiences with Goodman. And they have the screenshots to prove it.

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IJR reports:

IJR interviewed over 30 people who experienced Goodman’s inappropriate behavior, and their stories almost all start the same way. Goodman began his inquiries with college students as if he wanted to be a friend, asking what they wanted for their careers.

The victims were almost always political activists who simply had mutual friends with Goodman. He would then escalate the conversation, often sending several messages a day. Eventually, the conversation would move past small talk, and Goodman would start sending suggestive messages.

Goodman would allegedly befriend young men on Facebook then invite them to follow him on Snapchat, where’d he send them messages like this:

And this:

And this:

“Goodman always sent these on Snapchat to avoid the photos being saved, which is likely part of the reason why it has taken so long for his behavior to be exposed,” IJR reports.

One person shared an alleged x-rated pic Goodman sent him. Another claims the 33-year-old sent several pictures of himself engaging in “extremely explicit behavior,” including pictures of himself in his underpants drinking beer, showing off his legs, and pictures of his penis.

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One source went so far as to say he thought Goodman was “a major creep.” Another called him “a pretty odd man.”

Another source explains:

Goodman asked me personal questions such as if I have a girlfriend or I was single and ‘how big I was down there.’ He also asked if I was the big or small spoon and the catcher or the pitcher. He would snap me late at night around 2 and 3 a.m. saying his wife was sleeping and he was bored and lonely.

Goodman resigned from office last week.

h/t: IJR

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  • Kangol

    Garden variety anti-gay “con-servative” closeted Republican hypocrite. He also sounds like he was especially skeevy around younger men. And ask yourself, why did rabid homophobe Tony Perkins help cover up Goodman’s sexual assault on a sleeping teenager? Is right-wing power really more important than protecting children and teenagers?

    • Paco

      Didn’t one of the cofounders of Tony Perkin’s FRC get busted taking a male prostitute to Europe?

    • AlbertW

      Don’t you mean Ms. Tony Perkins ? Only trying to be PC.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      There’s one thing for which I have to thank Resident Trump and his merry band of thieves, and that’s how much work I’ve gotten done on the house since these treasonous criminals bore their way through the walls of the Oval. I surface to find JasonSmeds-Brian-Jaxton-nowGrooveyGay NOM-ing his way through this thread, chipping away at identity so that the illegitimate Neil Gorsuch won’t look so off-base when he pulls his Originalist crap; not missing much. (Aw, Maggie, nobody invited you for Thanksgiving?) dwes09 is a champ for taking on the zombies (or one zombie with multiple sign-on names) pawing at the cyclone fence. Thanks for the high-powered troll wash. Queerty must recaulk and seal to stop the seepage of troll juices from leeching onto the site. Back to work now. Thanks again, Resident Trump, as our house is in ship-shape and Bristol fashion. Now get impeached soon, ok? I predicted last November that February 2018 will be an interesting month. It looks like Mr. Mueller may be making this a reality.

  • Paco

    These married, “mostly straight”, anti-LGBT guys are just so sad and pathetic. I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t against my equal rights.

    • Donston

      Once again, you misinterpret where my supporting of the “mostly straight” movement is coming from. It’s so guys can come out, don’t have to be filled with self-resentment and misbehave and be hateful towards others. It’s purely about orientation. You’re speaking from a social standpoint, which continues to be the main issue when it comes to identity. But we don’t know the orientation of any of these men who get caught in these scandals. Some are probably gay, some are “mostly straight”, some are “mostly gay”, some could be 50/50 bi, some could just be megalomaniacs. And no matter his orientation this guy sounds like one of those megalomaniacs. He’s a politician after all.

      No matter what people identify as (and this dude hasn’t identified as anything) there will always be secrets, closet cases, religion and sociological driven self-image and “lifestyle”, internalized homophobia, sexual megalomania, ephebophilia, hebephilia, etc. My point was supporting the “mostly straight” movement will help some people. But ultimately, when it comes to men like this none of that stuff matters.

    • Donston

      Also, I doubt this dude would fit under anyone’s “mostly straight” categorization.

    • Paco

      Why are you assuming my mocking of the new in fashion term for the closet is directed at you?

      If you read the original article that is not lacking most of the details like the article here at Queerty, you will see he definitely fits the M-O of a closeted man that has shackled himself in a hell of his own making and is so desperate he was using his position to target young conservative activists with offers to “mentor” them just right before he would start with the “I’m so straight and married (sorta) gay bro sex talk. One guy even explicitly says he is straight and the desperate perv still tried.

      As far as the mostly straight guys are concerned, I hope that “researcher” with wishful thinking researches the political leanings of these not quite bi or gay men and the damage they do for the rest of us that refuse to live in the shadows when they get to the voting booth.

    • Donston

      I knew you weren’t going directly at me. But I figure it was a part of the what you getting at considering our back and forth and that you felt the need to bring the phrase up under this particular article.

      You were focused on hetero-worshiping and closet cases. I was focused on men who are interested in actually being honest with themselves and others. My points were removed from what the actual “researcher” was saying, because what she was saying was mostly nonsense. And it did not look beneath the surface of things (like, why exactly do some people feel the need to persistently sexually engage with a gender, no matter that gender is, that they have little to no passion for, little to no romantic feelings for and/or little to no attraction to? That’s a more interesting “study”). But you’re right in the sense that many people across the entire spectrum (gay, gay-leaning, straight-leaning, 50-50 bi, wherever trans people might fall in your orientation) have settled on nonsense identities that don’t mean anything and seem to be designed to remove themselves from gay-ness like simply “fluid” and “flexible”. Hell, “mostly straight” sounds gay-er than those things. While self-hating and megalomaniac closet cases will always continue to be the way that they are, no matter the new phase of identities.

  • tham

    So what do people do on Snapchat between 2am and 3am?

    • Xzamilloh

      A lot when they’re closeted Republicans lmao!!

    • groovygay

      And a lot when they are out of the closet democratically too ! His comments are pretty soft and very average! Hardly creepy !

  • kyaasi

    Not a congressman…state rep.

  • Xzamilloh

    It’s like a different kind of “out”-rage fatigue. Because it’s the same crap over and over again, and at this point, Republicans ought to abandon their anti-LGBT rhetoric because a bunch of sleuths are gonna start going over their profiles, looking for Grindrs, OKCupids, Scruffs, BBC fetishes, fisting, pegging… and I’m all for it.

    Or, just keep showing us how religion and sexual repression continue breeding terribly warped minds. At least all he did was be a creep that molested 18 year olds and not a creep that liked to call johns and then murder them to keep his secret

    • Xzamilloh

      Obviously molesting anyone is abhorrent, but you know how deranged some of these closet cases can be when there is internal conflicts

    • pzooz

      newsflash: you can’t “molest” an 18 year old. especially when 1. they are of the legal age 2. are willing participants in sexual acts.

    • Xzamilloh

      Newsflash: You can molest anyone if they did not consent, and the 18 year old did not consent. Or is sexually assaulted better? Fine… he SEXUALLY ASSAULTED an 18 year old… feel better?

    • groovygay

      It really is only fair to label the act correctly as best you can. There is a huge difference having a sexual encounter with a minor or an adult of 18 and older ! And of course it’s not ok to have sex with anyone who has not consented! Whether we like it or not, this guy is also a victim of the society he lives in that has shown such disapproval of gay men that he can’t come out to the people he is closest to. He must be living in a hell and we all know all to well what that feels like … we should be using this situation as a teaching opportunity… and show these bigots how bad they make it for their own gay family members !

  • Brody

    Yesterday, I would’ve said that Graham Gremore quoting a “right-leaning news outlet” as a legitimate source of information would only happen when pigs fly . . . but then I saw this loser Wes Goodman board a plane and I was convinced.

  • AndThenTheresMax

    Call me weird but I think this whole Wes Goodman sex scandal is kinda hot.

    Think about it. Good mid-Western boy becomes a State Representative, marries an “OK” looking wife, and then discovers his wife is not enough. He ventures into the dark side, hungry for more than he’s getting at home. Like a caged Lion looking for prey. He finds it the comfort of another man. It begins slowly by sending dirty Snapchat messages. Then it percolates like a smoldering love lava that wants and yearns for a passionate man-on-man encounters, that his frenzied manhood can be released with a feverish passion. Where both can orally consummate their taboo lust in a manner that his unsuspecting wife couldn’t provide!! *insert me patting myself down with ice cubes here*

    Well! Typing that gave me a nice warm feeling. Now if you excuse me I think I’ll slide under the covers and enjoy it!!!!

    My god! I am Blanche Devereaux!!!

    • Tobi

      No. You’re Blanche DuBois.

    • Paco

      Yes… anti-LGBT, “mostly straight” men making a career out of trying to push me back in the closet or live a life as a social pariah just gets me so hot and bothered. /sarcasm

    • radiooutmike

      Yeah, if he wasn’t against LGBT! Yes, then I could see it being a dramatic/erotic movie of one man’s finding himself.

    • Stilinski26

      Its not even a worst case about politicians we have heard about recently. The only big story here is that he’s a hypocrite. Its not like he sexually harassed or rape someone. He was having consensual sex with other men

    • Creamsicle

      Stilinski26, so what? He deserves a medal for being a creep instead of a rapist?

  • truckproductions

    wait.. what is so creepy about those screenshots?

    • Paco

      Imagine you are a straight young Republican having a normal conversation with a fellow Republican and suddenly getting sexual messages from him out of the blue. Those messages may be normal for Grindr, but easily creepy elsewhere.

    • groovygay

      You are absolutely correct … those messages are very typical of any dating hookup site … especially late at night … straight or gay ! They are so mild. I don’t think it serves us well to bash this closet case ! We should be using to show bigots what they do to their LGBT family members ! This guy is probably suicidal at this point. I do feel bad for him … he didn’t create this society … he was raised in and found the only way out for him ! I hope he will get the help he needs to come out and get adjust to his reality … whatever that is!

    • batesmotel

      What’s sad is those messages are considered normal on Grindr and Scruff in general. And this is by people you’re not interested in.

    • Brian

      No major media has released full screenshots of his dick.
      How can you think any of this is normal behavior? It’s extremely creepy.

    • groovygay

      Brian I’m curious what exactly you find creepy? You know that you describing 50% of all single guys and girls from 14 and up ! This is social media, dating and hookup sites! Straight and gay ! This is modern sex ! They are safe and can’t get any STD’s ! If your older you won’t get it! But then tell us how you would hook up when you were single ! I really think this is just judgement because you are older and not looking to meet people !

  • tdh1980

    There genuinely isn’t much more to say about this type of thing than already has been said, except that creeps like him are the reason homophobes keep conflating gay men with sexual predators.

  • JAW

    I agree that this right wing homophobe is a disgusting creep. I feel sorry for the creeps wife, I bet she did not have a clue.

    However, That being said… I would like to know what sites this guy was on. I would also like to see the other side of the dialog. what were those, that are now saying he was a creep, saying back. were they enjoying the conversation, or did they call him out and block him?

    • Brian

      A few asked him to stop. They said they weren’t interested.
      This isn’t like some media orchestration. It’s all out there, plain as day. He really is a creep.

    • Kangol

      He attempted to assault another young man. His behavior was clearly not consensual in more than one instance–until he was caught having sex in his office, which was when he must have found some man willing to have sex with him.

  • Jaxton

    Let Wes be. He’s entitled to fantasize about men, women or both.

    Stop being such homophobic queens as you point your thin fingers at a man who is simply exercising his right as a man to fantasize. He shouldn’t have to abide by your GLBT rules. Your GLBT rules are anti-testosterone.

    Your GLBT rules suck. Get it? Most of you need a good dose of testosterone to block the flood of estrogen coursing through your veins.

    • dwes09

      Please see a mental health professional or at least try very hard to retain contact with reality. Perhaps i am being too kind and you are simply an idiot with an ugly soul.

      Which part of this man being a total hypocrite is so hard for you to wrap your feeble mind around?
      We are not asking anyone to abide by our”GLBT rules”. We are ridiculing a man who opposed our enfranchisement and equal access to rights, just as you do ass! Why do people like yo even come here. you are not gay, you are not even homosexual. you are simply a little mentally ill man consumed with self hatred and trying desperately to focus it out on others, just like Mr Goodman is. I sincerely pray you do not have a spouse or children in your thrall!

      And by the way, most gay men have more than enough testosterone thank you. You are the one more likely to be out of whack as far as hormones or neurotransmtters are concerned, That is incredibly obvious to most everyone but you!

    • groovygay

      Dwes09 …. youre really rude! This is why gay men who are raised in homophobic families still have so much difficulty coming out …. gay men like you ! I’m would not want to be associated with a culture represented by attitudes like yours. You think only your voice is right and there is no other opinion that counts ! You sure aren’t a leader !

    • Stache

      Oh Brian, Jaxton, and now Groovygay. I swear. You change user names more then people change their underwear.

    • dwes09

      @groovygay: Get real and stop with the bullshit. “Jaxton” and YOU are defending a man who has devoted energy and action to making the lives of gay people worse., and acting as if those who excoriate him for it are in the wrong. He is not simply a man in the closet who is caught in an indiscretion, and only a fool or fellow homophobe sees it that way.
      My comments are in no way rude at all. They give those dishing out or legitimizing hate what they deserve. Sorry, but if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, understand?
      Those who defend our enemies, ARE our enemies.

    • dwes09

      And actually, I am a leader; in several venues though not in gay politics. And you are clearly a follower, asking for pity for a man who would see gay people re-criminalized. If you are gay, that is like asking to be kicked in the face. One would think you’d enjoy the deserved distaste directed towards you.

    • dwes09

      You are not particularly bright are you?
      ” You think only your voice is right and there is no other opinion that counts !”
      The desire to criminalize homosexuality is not a “differing opinion”, it is a dangerous trend in the alt right.
      Opposing gay enfranchisement while trolling barely acquainted heterosexual youths for blow jobs is not a “differing opinion”, it is indicative of sociopathy that places one above ethics and at the center of the universe.
      Active support of hate groups is not a “differing opinion”, it is an attempt to use ones political power to negatively impact the lives and livelihood of others.
      Are you so devoid of critical thinking skills you cannot understand this?

      I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not Jaxton/Brian, but you certainly are as dull witted! And THAT is not rude either, just a statement of fact.

  • groovygay

    It’s really sad to see some of the comments here! Wes was raised into a very Homophobic society, that’s not his fault. Some people still find it very difficult to come out to their families because of the disapproval they know they will experience. The USA has fallen so far behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to gay rights. He’s made bad choices for sure, but I think we need to look at why. Hopefully this is the turning point, i imagine he is suicidal and I really hope he survives and maybe finds a way to rejoin the conversation from his reality … I think he could do a lot of good. This is a moment to show society just exactly the results of homophobic hatred does to their own family. We should not divide but join together … we could gain so much from it. His comments on social media are so mild… take a detailed look at any dating hookup site … gay or straight !

    • dwes09

      Sorry. He is simply another christian hypocrite who feels conventional ethics do not apply to him. This is very common among “Values” or “Religious” right wingers. Just as a disconnect from actual reality is very common among the right wing posters here.
      He has made conscious choices as an adult with both power and influence that affects others’ lives, and needs to suffer the consequences. Had he NOT been actively anti-gay, NOT supported acknowledged hate groups, or in some way preached tolerance from a right wing perspective then perhaps he might be worthy of some compassion.

    • Kangol

      Are you not well? I don’t care what sort of society he was raised in, he lives in the US in 2017. He attempted to assault one young man. He backed openly homophobic organizations seeking to take away gay people’s equality and the rights we’ve won over many years of struggle.

      YOU benefit from those victories, yet you are so cavalier and out of it that you are defending this man, who should have been behind bars for his earlier attempted assault.

      Please, get help as soon as you can. Obamacare does pay for mental healthcare, so please, sign up and get some!

    • groovygay

      First off 2017 USA is very homophobic and the laws nowhere close to those in other developed countries ! Look at Canada , they changed their laws in about 2005 so that very law that refers to a man and a woman, no reads, a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman! Hundreds of laws were changed. They have total legal equality ! USA is a very homophobic country who’s laws are based on Christian values, and not in fairness! If either of you actually read my comment I stated clearly that unconsentual second any kind or sex with a minor is not acceptable. But after that you can’t judge someone who wants a blow job! It’s none of your business! Stop being so homophobic yourslefs. You both repeatedly say things like “get help”. And make references to mental health and one of you suggested my profile name is new … no I’m a new contributor ! Because I’m sick of right wing fags with their Christian morals beating up other guys. I did not say that what he did was right … what I’m saying is that he is also a victim and if you never had to live in a closet to your family good for you, but this country with it’s laws that are no where Close to the protections found in more open countries put people there, people make mistakes and he can hardly be compared to the president! There is a reason that a homophobic gay is the way he is and it is mainly because for whatever reason he couldn’t come out … this will hopefully force him to get that help. You do damage to every other guy who can’t come out by your remarks here because you are just as unforgiving as the homophobic right wing in the USA

    • eyesnowopen

      I completely agree with you. I believe the things this man said and did through his political are just a reflection of how he feels about himself. He has expressed his self-hatred through his words and deeds.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    For all the Oh he must be hurting, suicidal…

    This male helped perpetuate, by force of law the very, thing that is causing his pain.

    He is not just some guy that felt he had no options but to accept hetero-normality (a premise that I doubt the reality of to a college graduate under the age of 35) but actively campaigned to maintain that “normality” at the expense of the GLBT community.

    He is no innocent and is not entitled to anything but scorn. till he asks forgiveness from those he has wronged, which includes our community.

  • xflare

    I think he’s cute.

    And whats creepy about thsose screenshots?

    • dwes09

      That fact that they were sent to other right wing supposedly heterosexuals who in no way indicated receptiveness. That is very creepy. The fact that they came from a man who actively supports organizations that want to re-criminalize homosexuality, and that he himself is anti-lgbt. That is particularly creepy, and pathological. What part of that are you so dull to have missed?

      Or are you yet another heterosexual troll here spamming with support of right wing hatred for us?

    • dwes09

      Do you get turned on (if you’re gay) by those whose stated goal is the removal of your hard won civil rights?

    • DistingueTraces

      Your unhappily married middle-aged boss drunk-texts you at 2:00 a.m.

      Still not creepy?

      Suddenly, your boss’s string of obviously-thirsty but indirect texts give way to an unsolicited photograph of the kind of genitals you do not enjoy touching.

      You have to work in a subordinate position to this person for the foreseeable future.

    • xflare

      “Your unhappily married middle-aged boss drunk-texts you at 2:00 a.m.

      Still not creepy?”

      uhmmm have the porn scenes I watched this month have just that scenario.

  • cloggedchakra

    Well what did he expect marrying a lumber?

  • Stilinski26

    Hows this creepy seems like a common convo you see on Grindr lol

    • Paco

      It’s creepy because it wasn’t on Grindr and these guys weren’t looking to hookup and, according to the article, many of the messages were sent to people he wasn’t even friends with. Friends of friends.

      Not everyone lives with their dick out.

  • jd.cali

    He’s a total closeted hypocrite who’s been outed and shamed… but “creepy” screenshots as the title notes?
    Oh please… not at all.

  • batesmotel

    These screenshots are not “creepy”. It’s no different than the constant words darted at me on those apps by others. That means everybody is creepy.

    • dwes09

      By “those apps” I assume you don’t mean snapchat, the app in question. Not thought of by anybody I know as a cruising app.

  • Jaxton

    Wes Goodman is the true embodiment of male power.

    • Pheonix398

      My goodness i pity your self hate. Its so funny. Can only imagine how many people like you for a fake but when the real you is revealed, they run away from you.

    • DistingueTraces

      Oh no! Don’t tip your hand so easily that you’re a parody account — it destroys the mystery!

  • seaguy

    To me it would have been so much easier to just admit that he is gay or at least bi and then accept that and find a way to live with his sexuality openly not as some closet case. Cause the closet cases always end up getting exposed and it is never a good outcome. When will these pathetic closet cases learn from the experiences of others like them in the past?

  • eyesnowopen

    Many of the comments I’m reading are just so harsh. Cut the man some slack. Our individual journeys to self-discovery and acceptance of who we are can take many paths. There is no denying that the detrimental things Goodman has said and done over the years have harmed the LGBTQ community. But his travels to this moment in his life could not have been easy. Imagine how he must have felt every day knowing the secrets he kept locked away from friends, family, and constituents. It can be stressful leading a double life. I believe Goodman needs love and support from the LGBTQ community and not the hate-filled shaming I read here.

    • tennisteacher2

      Valid point…The only problem with this…. he used his position as a platform for hatred while painting the LGBTQ community as vile, immoral, and a socially unacceptable people. His HYPOCRISY has been exposed. The admonishment he’s getting from LGBTQ community he’s brought on himself … I’m not saying at some point he shouldn’t be forgiven, but the way I see it, he’s got some MAJOR penance to do on behalf of the community as a whole. A HEART felt apology would be a start

  • cloggedchakra

    He likes penis more than anything and uses his wife as a cover. Sad thing he is not the only one.

  • cloggedchakra

    He likes penis more than anything and uses his wife as a cover. Sad thing he is not the only one. He should have at least practiced brahmacharya.

  • VentiBlue

    These people never surprise me! They don’t have the guts to be gay so they slink around in secret and pass anti gay laws, take anti gay–and racist –policy positions and get caught taking BBC on cam somewhere.

    These folks are disgusting!

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