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Here’s the one photo this closeted GOP lawmaker wishes he could make disappear

Thank god it’s Friday? One Ohio-based Republican congressman had quite the week when it was discovered the ardent supporter of “committed natural marriage” was also fond of having gay sex at work.

Wes Goodman, self-described “Christian. American. Conservative. Republican,” resigned after getting busted for “inappropriate behavior” with another man in his office.

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In a statement released Wednesday, 33-year-old Goodman said:

We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life. That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service. For those whom I have let down, I’m sorry. As I move onto the next chapter of my life, I sincerely ask for privacy for myself, my family, and my friends.

We’re sure everyone will respect his wishes once their attention falls upon the next antigay politician caught having gay sex in the next day or so. In the meantime, let’s muse on this photo of Goodman in simpler times; those salad days when he could still proudly pose beside a sign promoting “Focus on the Family” — a listed anti-LGBT hate group — as dark clouds cinematically loom behind him.

There’s almost definitely something deeply ironic about all this.

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  • Kenney G

    Poor baby, it will be a lot of crying in that house this weekend. Crying and dodging people and phone calls, You can’t hide now. Bet he wishes he would’ve kept his pants and drawers up now lol

    • Buzz the Bear

      And his mouth shut…in more ways than one.

  • Kangol

    Another irony is that this homophobic, closeted conservative has obvious gay-face. Can’t say it enough, people like him who are full of hate could really benefit from psychological help instead of inflicting it on everyone else.

    Also, as Scientific American pointed out a few years ago, “Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals.”

    • Paco

      The closet is toxic. Hoping I live to see the day that those that really need it for protection won’t need it anymore. Also hoping it stops being a safe refuge for the hypocrites that hate themselves so much they need to punish us all.

    • OzJosh

      Frankly, I can think of few things more homophobic than the expression “obvious gay-face”.

    • Kangol

      @OzJosh, clearly you don’t get out much. “Gay-face” isn’t homophobic; he’s clearly a closeted gay man who could barely hide it, even with the wife, kids, homophobia, etc.

  • g.was.here7

    Give the guy a fuking break! ALL OF US (including the writer) have gone through a time in their life when they were unsure of how they felt about their feelings for other men or even felt like those feelings were anti-social or “wrong”. He has a right to make mistakes and feel how he does and I don’t really see how this isn’t INCREDIBLY homophobic to write such a bitchy “haha caught you!” article at this dude’s expense. Being general about the IDEOLOGY of anti-gay legislation is one thing but calling out a guy like that is just bitchy and immature and lacks the compassion that you guys seem so incessed that Focus on the Family won’t offer YOU!

    • bushwickfreddy

      I beg to differ. Perhaps some of us did go through feelings of confusion about our sexuality–however THIS GUY isn’t some sexually confused high school student struggling with his sexuality…THIS GUY built a political career on forging anti-gay legislation and touting “family values”, all the while resting his ankles on some queen’s shoulders, so I don’t find this immature in the least.

    • Xzamilloh

      Who gives a crap about compassion?? Let him be a self-loathing closet case until the cows come home, but don’t you dare act like we owe someone like him anything, especially when someone like him is support anti-LGBT legislation from said self-loathing closet. You’re trying to make this personal when we’re talking about the worst kind of hypocrite that will willingly attempt to keep rights/take rights away from LGBT people while being at the least bisexual and at the most gay and living a lie. Call him out, Queerty, and anyone else who so proudly wears their homophobia on their sleeve while shamefully displaying their homsexuality behind closed doors!!

    • mattachinepodcast

      Ummm… NO. I’m sorry, but no dice on this one. If you’re going through your own struggle, then fine, take it at your own pace, and in your own terms of privacy. But if you involve your family, AND have a vehemently anti-gay stance, AND work in a job where you can wield your power to do so, then you deserve NOTHING but being exposed. Sorry not sorry. He deserves all that comes to him.

    • James

      gwashere7 Get lost, you apologist for the american family association.

    • HMFan

      True, but when you’re an elected official, the public WILL hold you to a much higher set of standards (and rightfully so) because power CAN and DOES corrupt given the chance. Clearly, this man could not resist temptation. That being the case, it’s best that he resign and let someone who CAN handle the power and responsibility take his place. So, let’s let him figure out his “unsure feelings” on his OWN dime and in his own time but being 33, I fear he’s destined for a continued life of “unsurety” and “confusion.” Too bad. The rest of us figured it out; why not you, Wes?

    • dwes09

      “He has a right to make mistakes and feel how he does and I don’t really see how this isn’t INCREDIBLY homophobic”

      Several have already responded to your stupidity, but there cannot be enough excoriation for your comment. This is not an issue of a youth or confused adult. THIS IS A MAN WHO IS STEEPED IN HYPOCRISY, his livelihood based on telling lies and helping create suffering in the lives of others. There is nothing homophobic in opposing or humiliating those who threaten our civil rights and personal safety.
      It is amazingly common to see this on the right, holding oneself up as a paragon of “christian virtue” while engaging in the exact same things you denounce as degenerate. One never sees this brand of hypocrisy on the left where people are well aware of their own shortcomings and know their jobs in politics do not involve false shows of holiness or religiosity.

      Your response implies that you are not here as a gay person, but here as a right wing hetero-christian apologist hoping to rally the few misguided regressives here.

    • jorgecruz

      I know some queens that were born gay and were hitting on the doctors in the delivery room so speak for yourself.

    • Bearinphx

      It would be different if he was a confused high school kid, trying to discover himself…Instead he sat in as an elected official, passing laws and acting as a hypocrite against the gay community. Instead of using his platform to help people try to be more understanding, he used it against the gay community when he himself is PART of it. HYPOCRITE!!

    • Ander

      I’ll “give the guy a fuking break” the very second he disavows his documented push for bigotry while in a position of power, and apologizes to the LGBT community. By the way, he didn’t “come out” because he had an epiphany regarding his sexuality, and decided to live authentically as most of us did. No. He came out because he Got Caught.

    • stevetalbert

      No. Not all of us. I find it is mostly people growing up with toxic religions. Self hate is learned. I outlaw the religious hate groups,

    • JaBourg

      The things this man has done has hurt so many LGBT kids, I have NO compassion for him. Nor should you, unless you think it’s OK to teach children to hate themselves.

  • Ellie533

    Don’t worry Wes. Don’t worry because unlike your ‘Christian ‘ friends, we (your fellow queers here in Queer-America, will forgive you for persecuting people like us while giving head to the boss in the mens’ room. Some of us even members of ‘Queers For Christ’ so come on down and join in the fun. We’ll forgive the self-hatred you feel inside because many of us know what that was like. If you’d been listening, you would have heard God telling you that he made you exactly the way you are and he doesn’t make mistakes. It’s time for young Wes to leave JerryFalwellville behind. So buy a ticket on the next Greyhound Bus or Amtrak train (the action’s better on the train) and come to NYC or go west to SF but frankly I prefer the NY style redemption.

    • James

      Ellie533, what a waste of time reading your post.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Yup Ellie b rite.

    • robert_moore

      Well said.

  • JaredMacBride

    Has she started a GoFundMe campaign yet?


    Classic cookie sniffer

  • Bob LaBlah

    Not enough details are given as to how he got caught for me to send for the executioner. His youth and inexperience are showing because without a video it was whomever it was who happened to walk in on them’s word against theirs. How many people saw this act? Was a spy cam placed in his office? Were they really making that much noise and cared less about who was in the other room? As to be expected not enough info is given but hey, this is Queerty, isn’t it?

    • Paco

      “… Several GOP insiders have intimated that there is video of the encounter filmed inside Goodman’s office, but the speaker’s spokesperson denied that allegation.”

    • mcflyer54

      The guy voluntarily resigned even though the speaker of the Ohio house said no charges would be filed because the sex was consensual and did not involve a staff member or another legislator. No need for video or to explain method of discovery or who witnessed it – the fact the guy resigned and ask for privacy speaks volumes about his guilt. And please with the “youth” excuse, the guy is 33 years old with a wife and family well beyond the point of “youth” as a valid excuse.

    • James


    • James


    • Garth

      Bob … loosen up your tie. Its affecting the blood flow to your head !

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Ship sailed and no pilot boat has the range to stop the rain on his parade.

    • Bob LaBlah

      At 33 years old he was an upwardly mobil kid with a wife and kid in my book and your just jealous of him and my name.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Sorry but I don’t wear a tie under the sheet when I go to the quarterly cross burning that I just came home from.

  • BriBri

    Looks like now he can finally glitter and be gay!

    • James

      I doubt it. He is too uptight and stupid to amount to anything more than a sick troll.

    • BriBri

      He needs to dump the fish first.

  • James

    I doubt it. He is too uptight and stupid to amount to anything more than a sick troll.

  • HMFan

    I know that “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor” is one of the Ten Commandments but I think that could conceivably include lying about one’s self. If these gay want to engage in extramarital gay sex, best to just come out and admit to it rather than ruining countless lives. What a complete and total boob. You reap what you sow, dude; enjoy your humble pie. Hope it doesn’t taste TOO bitter…

  • Jaxton

    Homosexuality and family values are a powerful combination. It makes you scared, doesn’t it?

    • Goforit

      Please Chuck! If you want to succeed in this life, set your standards a little higher.

  • Jaxton

    Message to the GLBT “community” – you don’t own Wes Goodman. He wants nothing to do with your coalition. He wants nothing to do with your rainbow.

    He is content in who he is. He has strong family. He is entitled to that. He doesn’t need to abandon his great sense of the nuclear.

    Most men with homosexual impulses want nothing to do with GLBT. I hope you’ve gotten that message.

    • Bryguyf69

      ” He wants nothing to do with your coalition”
      Er, what gives you the idea that we want him? Indeed, if you’d bother to think before you post, you’d realize that the very act of gay sex means that he has entered the LGBT community. No one invited him in. One one wanted to label him gay. But his CONSENSUAL participation in such an act self-categorized him. So don’t tell me the self-loathing Goodman didn’t, in some respect, wanted to join in the LGBT community. Indeed, he is likely a selfish SOB who wanted all the pleasures of being gay without the responsibilities. Seriously, THINK before you post.

      “He is content in who he is.”
      Oh? Then why is he begging for privacy rather than doing interviews? Why isn’t he sharing his contentment with others? I often hear Christians share their religious experiences with others, often without asking, so that others can also experience the ecstasy. Why isn’t Goodman sharing his gay experiences so they others can experience this “contentment” too?

      Learn to use a dictionary if you truly believe that Goodman is content. First, look up “content.” Then read his statement and look up, “struggles,” “trials,” “regret,” “let down” — and “I’m sorry.” Yep, this are words of contentment. Seriously, read carefully and THINK before posting.

      “Most men with homosexual impulses want nothing to do with GLBT. ”
      Oh? Care to provide a study or survey proving the claim? Or are you merely projecting your own self-hatred? I eagerly wait for your reference but based on your post, I doubt that facts or data mean much to you. On the other hand, I do have a graduate background in Human Sexuality, and studies have shown that integration (aka joining a community) and self-identification are key parts to contentment (to use your own word).

      Think about this: He had gay sex (probably repeatedly). Which of these communities — the first four taken from his own Twitter page — would be most accepting of this news: Christian? American? Conservative? Republican? — or the one that’s not there: LGBT?

      THINK about it. And use a dictionary if necessary…

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      How would you know…you could be right, but you are more likely wrong.

    • Pheonix398

      Poor Jaxton. Always choking on internalized homophobia, he thinks his sad life will take away all the happy stable gay couples with kids. Or all the happy lgbts living their truth. Hope you enjoy all the torture of lying each day and fear of getting caught as you watch gay porn. Dont envy you.

  • Kieran

    Before we start stoning this confused 33 year old for his political sins, can we at least admit that it is highly unlikely that his Ohio district would have elected him if Wesley were an openly gay man? Let’s be even more honest and acknowledge that an openly gay man wouldn’t even have been nominated to run in his district. Let’s not pretend that all gays in America live in Manhattan and San Francisco or that homophobia has suddenly died in fly-over country.

    • Bryguyf69

      You seem to miss the point. No one is condemning Goodman for being closeted. He’s being slammed for hypocrisy. And not just hypocrisy but the type that actually harms LGBTs. It’s one thing to just talk about the joys of heterosexual marriage, when you vote against LGBT rights and actively support Focus on Family, one of the most rabidly homophobic groups in the world, you’ve become an enemy.

      As an example, has anyone condemned Sir Ian McKellan or Neil Patrick Harris for being closeted in order to make a living? No. But of course, they’ve never supported anti-LGBT causes.

      I don’t know Ohio politics, but I’d doubt that you have to be homophobic to get elected. You can merely be conservative without courting Focus on Family, or any other hate group.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Being in the closet and pushing the Focus on Family agenda are mutually exclusive.

    • Kieran

      @Bryguyf69 I honestly don’t know if he was homophobic, do you? For some people, just being in the GOP is homophobic.

    • Kangol

      He supported FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, a rabidly anti-gay organization.

      How much more do you need?

    • Pheonix398

      Quit the pretence dangerous Closet case. You are not straight, you never will be straight. Your just a phony,knock off self hating guy. No value in that for any partner, pity them when the fake gold coating fades, its all tears and scandals.

    • Kangol

      Yuck! So he was bad news from way back. Eventually the mask falls and monsters like this are revealed for what they truly are.

  • Jaxton

    Wes Goodman is not an openly gay man, he doesn’t want to be an openly gay man. Why don’t you busy bodies accept that?

    He doesn’t want to be a part of tbe GLBT community. Just because a man has homosexual impulses, it does NOT automatically mean that he must become a part of the GLBT community.

    Learn that and stop imposing your identity politics on people who want nothing to do with it.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Didn’t you already post this 4 hours ago?

    • DistingueTraces

      No, he doesn’t want to be an openly gay man.

      He wants his mentor Tony Perkins to cover it up for him when he molests teenagers.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      JasonBrianJaxton, NOM-NOM-NOM talking points.

    • Ander

      I’ve yet to notice anyone asking this a-hole to join our “community.”
      So I guess you’re just delusional, and projecting your own homophobia.

    • Pheonix398

      Oh boy, the spirit of hate turned inside you and you had to rebuke your own soul. What a sad life.

  • ryuichi

    The penis is mightier than the sword

  • Cj.

    Poor Baby!! The Universe Don’t Like Ugly…

  • Clay83

    Oh shame, poor little idiot. He has systematically tried to make gay peoples lives harder and now he wants us to respect him and give him space, piss off, I hope he is hounded for ages.

  • seaguy

    I give no sympathy when they are anti gay politicians who actively fought against our rights and freedoms. Sure it ain’t always easy to come out for some but nothing says that you have to be anti gay if your having a hard time coming out. That is their own stupid decision, and to me it is unforgivable. He is reaping what he sowed.

    • VentiBlue

      I absolutely hear you. I have no sympathy when they take anti gay positions then want to take us to bed…Nope!

  • VentiBlue

    I’m setting the clock on Rick Brattin (R-MO) such an obvious gay face and we know his obsession with gays is because he’s in a glass closet

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