Attempts To Clear Name In Sex Scandal

Curtis’ Gay Lover Comes Out

Things aren’t looking good for Richard Curtis. The Columbian newspaper obtained a police report detailing the Republican’s tryst with 26-year old Cody Castagna and, well, it’s pretty damning:

The police report contains an account of how Curtis allegedly donned women’s clothing, red stockings and a black sequined lingerie top before engaging in a sex act at the store. He continued to wear them throughout the night under his clothing.


Castagna, meanwhile, came out to tell his side of the story. He alleges Curtis offered him $1000 for sex, but Castagna reportedly feared being – um – stiffed, so he stole the wallet. He also says that he’s getting the short end of the stick:

I feel that, honestly, I’m being wrongly accused and that (Curtis) is using his power to take it off of him and put it on me. He has completely changed what actually happened and turned it around for his favor.

Curtis also told Castagna that his wife knows all about his man loving ways, but chooses not to partake. What a party pooper!