Danell Leyva’s perfect shot, Matt Lister’s pits, & Ben Shelton’s big win

This week Cher recalled her first time meeting a gay man, Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo hung out together, and Elton John side-stepped his decades-long feud with Madonna. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Brian Justin Crum stayed on the couch.

Conor McGregor cycled on the sea.

Danell Leyva took pictures.

Matt Lister took a shower.

Andrew Neighbors cleaned the tank.

Ben Shelton won big.

Carlos Brandt wore white.

Ashley McKenzie checked in early.

Yona Knight-Wisdom peace’d at the pool.

Ross Lynch fed his fans.

Anthony Ramos had a seat.

The Night of the Living Drag men wrapped up the season.

Odell Beckham Jr. trained hard.

David Mandaluniz worked on his tan.

Sam Asghari showed off.

Max Emerson hit the beach.

Carson Leung snapped a selfie.

Elliott Norris reached peak relaxation.

Matt Shively had a drink.

And DJ Felipe Ferreira went for a ride.

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