what a joke

John Mulaney just gave the middle finger to his queer fans with an assist from Dave Chappelle

John Mulaney has had a straight year of controversy since leaving his wife of six years for Olivia Munn last May, but a dedicated core of his fans have stuck by him through it all.

However, after ambushing the crowd at Ohio State University’s Value City Arena on Friday with a surprise opening set from transphobic comedian Dave Chappelle, it seems the goodwill of some fans may be dwindling.

Chappelle’s Netflix special The Closer from last October went especially hard with punching down at the trans community, and the ensuing controversy with Netflix is well-documented.

Mulaney on the other hand has drawn queer fans in for years with characters like Stefon on Saturday Night Live and light-hearted jokes like his New in Town bit comparing his childhood self to “a 67-year-old gay man who’s kind of over it.”

His decision to bring Chappelle on as the opener on his “From Scratch” tour stop in Columbus, Ohio has those same fans feeling forsaken…

Most of all, queer fans seem to be hurt that they were made to experience Chappelle’s transphobia unexpectedly in a place they’d assumed would be safe from such discrimination.

Hopefully, Mulaney can handle the criticism from the queer community better than Chappelle himself has.

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