UPDATE: Denmark And Queensland, Austrailia Tempt God’s Wrath With Marriage Equality

As the governments of Denmark and Queensland, Australia consider legislation to extend marital benefits to LGBTs, their citizens may want to prepare for the inevitable earthquakes, child murders and 9-11 type terrorist events that God inflicts on countries that dare treat their own citizens as equals. Just look what happened to New York.

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  • christopher di spirito

    I honestly thought marriage equality was already legal in Denmark?

  • There aren't so many countries in Europe where it's legal for gays to marry

    You probably mix it up with neighbor countries Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Robert in NYC

    Really No. 2? Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Iceland although the latter is not actually in Europe. Denmark in 2012 and the UK and Finland before 2015. How can you say it’s not many? It’s where the bulk of marriage equality is happening, but not on this side of the Atlantic sadly.

  • Mark

    Denmark neighbours neither the Netherlands nor Belgium. That’s Germany to the south (no legal gay marriage). To the north are Norway and Sweden (legal gay marriage) though seperated by a sea.

  • Pep, Italy

    Iceland is in Europe, it’s not part of the EU.

    Also lets not forget the importance of gay rights to extreme-right parties like in the Netherlands, who pursue an anti-Muslim agenda.

  • Camilla

    Denmark was the first country in the world to pass a law for gay civil partnerships back in 1989, but so far our government has been too conservative to even open the debate for the marriage rights! But I’m elated that the debate is here and that it looks like it will soon be legal for me and my girlfriend to get married soon!

  • Michael

    Wonderful news hope it happens.For all those insane people who CONTINUE to think all that shit listed is gonna happen if gays get married please do the right thing: commit yourselves already.

  • the crustybastard

    @christopher di spirito:

    They were the first country to equitably provide marriage’s legal benefits to gay couples who were legally barred from marriage.

  • RickStrandlof

    If past instances of “God’s wrath” are any indication, somewhere OTHER than Denmark should prepare for earthquakes, fires, storms, etc.

    Seems “God” has a weird sense of geography.

    NY legalizes gay marriage and an earthquake hits Virginia – where gay marriage is illegal.

    DADT is repealed and “God” sends fires to burn across texas, where gay marriage is illegal.

    This might be a trend or not.

    As I am not priviliged enough to have a direct line to Heaven, I will have to take their word for it.

  • christopher di spirito

    I could live in Denmark. I keep hearing about the “great Danes,” and they aren’t referring to dogs.

  • Tommy

    Marriage is a federal issue in Australia

  • jason

    Australia is way behind the rest of the English-speaking world in terms of gay marriage or even civil unions. It’s really quite backward over there. It’s a country frozen in the 1950’s, a nostalgic nanny state.

  • fizzy

    Someone might want to change “Austrailia” (in the title) to “Australia”. Just sayin’.
    Marriage IS a federal issue in Australia, but the states can put a whole lot of pressure on the federal government. Plus, one of the reasons the Prime Minister is losing popularity is her opposition to marriage equality. Hopefully things will turn out well soon …

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