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Diane Keaton defends Ellen, gets brutally reminded of that time she supported Woody Allen

A wave of celebrities have been coming to embattled daytime talkshow host Ellen Degeneres‘ defense during her never-ending public relations nightmare, including comedians Kevin Hart and Jay Leno, singer Katy Perry, and actors Ashton Kutcher and Alec Baldwin.

Joining the chorus is actress Diane Keaton, who took to Instagram this week to voice her support of Ellen, writing (in all CAPS): “I ALWAYS ENJOYED MY VISITS TO THE ELLEN SHOW. I’VE SEEN HOW THE AUDIENCE EXUDES HAPPINESS AND GRATITUDE. SHE GIVES BACK TO SO MANY INCLUDING ME.”

But given Keaton’s problematic past when it comes to defending colleagues who maybe don’t deserve defending (read: Woody Allen), the post didn’t generate much support from, well, anyone.

Many commenters were quick to note Keaton’s privilege as a wealthy celebrity.

“Maybe that’s because you’re Diane Keaton,” one person wrote.

To which another commenter echoed, “Just because she treats celebrities well doesn’t mean she hasn’t been cruel to her staff. It’s not like you’d understand the feelings of normal people is it?”

“Of course, Diane,” another noted. “You’re the guest. You’re rich. You’re famous.”

“You’re coming from a place of great privilege. With one point of view,” someone else added added. “Just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Then there were those who reminded the actress of her undying support of Woody Allen when he was accused of being a sexual predator. In 2018, during the height of the #MeToo movement, Keaton put out a statement saying she believed Allen and not his accuser, Dylan Farrow.

“You also support Woody Allen so go figure,” one person wrote. “She might be lovely to you but she clearly wasn’t kind to people that worked for her.”

“Yikes Diane,” a second person said. “I forgot this is the same woman who actively supports Woody Allen. Love her in a power suit but I think that’s where my support ends.”

“Bill Cosby’s audience loved him too,” a third person quipped.

“Diane, I’d stay away from this kind of thing if I were you,” a fourth person recommended. “This doesn’t help. Most see you as the poster girl for poor character judgement.”

And then there was this: “Hope you realize posts like this silence victims who try to speak up.”

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