Did Next Top Model‘s Nolé Marin Fondle A Would-Be Underwear Model?

Nolé Marin, the America’s Next Top Model judge and fashion stylist, lured an underwear model to his apartment only to fondle his junk, according to a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him.

Nicholas Hamman-Howe, a modeling newb, says Marin told him his “extraordinary physique” meant Hamman-Howe would have no problem becoming an underwear model, so they arranged a photo shoot in 2007 — that was nothing more than a chance for Marin to come on to him and grope him in his underwear, the complaint alleges. “It’s a very sexual industry,” Marin supposedly responded, and getting ahead is “all about who you know and what they’ll do for you.” That’s when Namman-Howe left the photo shoot, but ultimately agreed to another one when Marin allegedly promised a $120,000 pay day for appearing in an Armani underwear campaign. There were no reps from Armani at the shoot, just Marin. Then came the incessant sexting (“I want you to be an underwear king!!!,” reads one), with Marin allegedly promising to make the Namman-Howe a star in exchange for sex.

And despite plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting models regularly are subjected to unwanted come-ons by over-sexed photographers, stylists, and other fashion kingmakers, it’s all nonsense insists Marin in a statement released by his attorneys: “The complaint is rife with so many false allegations – from the mundane to the sensational, that Mr. Hammam-Howe’s attorneys should be ashamed. Mr. Nole is an icon of the fashion industry who will not be intimidated by Mr. Hammam-Howe’s desperate fiction, and will defend these claims vigorously.”

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  • TheInsider

    He’s always been gross. I met him several times in Miami, and he was nasty and embarrassing in his behavior as a gay man. Ugh. Karma is a bitch.

  • BubbasBack

    Mr. Nole is “an icon in the fashion industry”? LOLOLOL. Aww shucks, even trolls have their day in the spotlight heheh. Burp. Pass the beer.

  • Spencer Allan Brooks

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Good for the model!

  • scott ny'er

    @BubbasBack: LOL. That’s exactly what I thought. Icon? If that label can be attributed to anyone, maybe to Yves St. Laurent, Armani, Versace, etc. Yeah, I’m sure Marin’s name is right up there.

  • Michael

    Somehow, I believe the model is mostly upset about not getting any money. If truly offended, me thinks my grandmother could punch the daylights out of this vile little being.

  • ForeverGay

    Nicholas Hamman-Howe wants money to pay off his college debt. We have a lot of ignorant, mindless and cowardly gay people in the gay community. Gay people are raised by heterosexuals. Heterosexuals pass on their prejudices that everything heterosexual is good and everything else is bad and these gay people carry those prejudices on with them. A lot of gay people can’t think on their own. I highly doubt there was any sexual contact between the two. Gay men are not that sexually forward especially with men they see as better looking then them. Nicholas Hamman-Howe is using heterosexuals’ prejudices and myths of gay men being predatory and all about sex to get money to pay for his college debt.

  • Henry

    he looks like a pervy fondler.

  • finally!

    This is very on target, as an aspiring model i too have visited his apartment in the upper east side (down the block from cuny hunter) last fashion week in september, he comes off as very witty about fashion and willing to help u and propel u to superstar status,he took my polaroids, then asked me to strip off my underwear and make my *&^% hard, too see if i had “what it takes” he then asked if he could do it for me. at that point i left, and as i walked out the lobby i saw another young kid walkin in with his portfolio.
    You are more shocked at first, then u get offended, becasue it happens so quickly, and you are putting ur trust in a well known professional who is promising you that “this is what happens in the business”

    im sure there are other out there who have experienced the same thing but are afraid to speak up, either in fear of him going out of his way to dampen ur career or the embarresment

    this isnt just Nole, its ALL OVER THE INDUSTRY….. its sick, gay or not, almost worst for guys than girls. the article is true and any nay sayers obviousley never had the experience trying to become a model in nyc…

  • scott ny'er

    @finally!: so that’s not ur first time being approached like that?

    Man, if that is true. So effed up. How creepy.

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