Did Next Top Model‘s Nolé Marin Fondle A Would-Be Underwear Model?

Nolé Marin, the America’s Next Top Model judge and fashion stylist, lured an underwear model to his apartment only to fondle his junk, according to a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him.

Nicholas Hamman-Howe, a modeling newb, says Marin told him his “extraordinary physique” meant Hamman-Howe would have no problem becoming an underwear model, so they arranged a photo shoot in 2007 — that was nothing more than a chance for Marin to come on to him and grope him in his underwear, the complaint alleges. “It’s a very sexual industry,” Marin supposedly responded, and getting ahead is “all about who you know and what they’ll do for you.” That’s when Namman-Howe left the photo shoot, but ultimately agreed to another one when Marin allegedly promised a $120,000 pay day for appearing in an Armani underwear campaign. There were no reps from Armani at the shoot, just Marin. Then came the incessant sexting (“I want you to be an underwear king!!!,” reads one), with Marin allegedly promising to make the Namman-Howe a star in exchange for sex.

And despite plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting models regularly are subjected to unwanted come-ons by over-sexed photographers, stylists, and other fashion kingmakers, it’s all nonsense insists Marin in a statement released by his attorneys: “The complaint is rife with so many false allegations – from the mundane to the sensational, that Mr. Hammam-Howe’s attorneys should be ashamed. Mr. Nole is an icon of the fashion industry who will not be intimidated by Mr. Hammam-Howe’s desperate fiction, and will defend these claims vigorously.”