Week in Comments

Did You Inappropriately LOL? Are you Queerlicious? When Did You Come Out?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  



“Send Bachmann a $150 rentboy.com gift card.”

rf always knows the best gifts to give to Marcus in, Should LGBT Activist John Becker Pay Marcus Bachmann The $150 He Owes For “Ex-Gay” Therapy?




“It isn’t any of their actions. It’s the fact that they are open about their lives. Just like anybody else. Neil Patrick Harris being on a successful sitcom as a straight guy MIGHT start to convince the homophobes in Hollywood to stop their bigotry. The BBC seems to be far ahead of us. Not only is John Barrowman out openly, but Russel Tovey has been openly gay since he was 18 and he is currently starring as a leading man in two of the top BBC series. “Being Human” and “Him and Her”, in both he plays a straight man sexually active with a girlfriend.

So thank you to Neil, John, Russell, Ellen, Portia, Martina, Ricky, and the others that I have forgotten. You don’t have to be perfect, but being brave enough to live their lives publically makes each of you an example to all the closeted gay kids out there! :)”

Cam doesn’t care if you don’t want to be a role model, because you’re a role model anyway, in Neil Patrick Harris: ‘Please Don’t Look At Us As Gay Role Models’




“I was 27, married to a woman, and a practicing attorney. The final event that set me off was when a middle aged man came in looking for representation because he had been arrested in the mall bathroom for the second time – all the youngsters can think of it as a late 80, early 90?s version of Grindr – and all he cared about was serving any time in jail during the week so he could let his wife think he was on a business trip. Suddenly all of the doubt, religious oppression, and selfishness – yes staying closeted is selfish – were revealed to me and I knew I had to be honest with myself and the world. That was over 15 years ago.

Looking back, my biggest regret in life – the one thing I cannot fix – is all of the time I stole from myself and my ex-wife because I didn’t have the courage to be honest.”

JDSwell gives you just one of the really amazing comments left by our readers, in Queerty Wants To Know: Why Are You Still Closeted?




“He LOOKS crazy enough to stab someone 50 times. Speaking of lunacy, who clicked the LOL button to this story of murder?”

Slanty thinks someone is a sick puppy, in John Katehis Found Guilty For Craigslist Murder Of WABC Reporter George Weber


“I was called FAGGOT literally everyday in high school, and I knew it as a hateful thing. Now that I’m in a gay community, and know that everyone else I love was called faggot, I wonder if the word itself doesn’t describe my kind of people: fierce, creative, cutting edge, and gay!

For this reason, I use it in select gay social circles (because it confuses straight folk when I say faggot) as an endearing term synonymous with rad, on point, or fierce.

“I’m a queerlicious yummy boy-fag that takes it to a whole new level.” Needless to say, statements like this are a bit incendiary and provocative, and have upset some around me. Stretching comfort zones!


Conrad Honiker reclaims his faggotry, in It’s Time To Reclaim The F-Word By Using It A Million Times Every Friday