Also, Gay Activist Calls For Julie Tagen's Head

DNC Counsel Speaks Out Against Leaked Emails

The fur continues to fly in the DNC gay discrimination case. Yesterday we published some less-than-flattering internal emails in which DNC staffers discuss the gay press, including the Washington Blade. Blade editor Kevin Naff promptly issued a biting response.

Today we hear that gay activist and former National Stonewall Democrats executive committee member Lee Bolin wants to see deputy finance director Julie Tagen fired.

Tagen, of course, derided the Blade and other gay publications thus, “I tend to use the Blade and other gay papers in the bottom of the birdcage.” Tagen’s candid response led Bolin to write to some pink peers, “If a DNC staffer disparaged black, Latino, or Jewish media the way Deputy Finance Director Julie Tagen did LGBT media, that person would already be out of a job.” We’re not convinced that Tagen deserves to be fired, for she didn’t really insult gay people, just gay press. We do that all the time!

We called the DNC for a statement regarding Bolin’s burning desire. Though staffers can’t comment, DNC Chief Counsel Joe Sandler sent over this statement:

The DNC has consistently refrained from commenting about ongoing litigation out of respect for the legal process and to protect the interests of everyone involved. It is therefore unfortunate that Donald Hitchcock has chosen to abuse the discovery process by selectively leaking documents.

We can’t say where we got the documents, but we can say we don’t find anything “unfortunate” about it…

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