DNC’s McCain Ad Informs, Implores

The Democratic National Committee’s been picking up the slack for its presidential candidates.

Since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are busy battling one another, the DNC booked this national ad highlighting Republican opponent John McCain’s utter confusion about our current national climate.

For example, he claims the Bush administration helped generate new jobs, while the commercial clearly points out that 1.8 million have been lost.

Though definitely informative, the advert serves an alternate purpose.

The DNC currently has only $5.3 million on hand, according to a March 30, FEC report. The Republican National Committee has a little bit over $31 million. It’s been said before, but the Democrats desperately need money to fight through the general election. That explains the McCain commercial’s final message: “help us fund this ad.” “This ad” reportedly cost $500,000 for a three-week tour of duty.

The DNC’s website has a similar message as the McCain Commercial. When you enter the Committee’s homepage, you see this message, “We are airing this ad on national television to show Americans just how little John McCain knows how much they’ve been struggling.” The DNC’s also struggled, because if you click through to the homepage, you find a second page of the advert, which comes complete with another fundraising form.

Ads don’t war for just votes anymore.

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