Does Barney Frank Need Bill Clinton To Keep His House Seat In November?

Just because former President Bill Clinton is coming to Massachusetts today to campaign for Rep. Barney Frank doesn’t mean the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is scared of Republican Sean Bielat, the 35-year-old man challenging the 70-year-old incumbent. “I’m frankly surprised at the question, ‘Why are you campaigning?,” says Frank about the notion that bringing in Clinton is a defense move. “Am I supposed to not campaign? Or am I supposed to campaign ineffectively?”

And as for Clinton? It’s a chance to reassert himself as the (likable) face of Democrats.

Or their savior: In addition to Frank, who hasn’t faced a tough re-election battle since the 80s, the former commander-in-chief is campaigning in Connecticut for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who suddenly finds himself in an actual race for a U.S. Senate seat with former pro wrestling exec Linda McMahon.

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    We need to be afraid, very afraid……………….

    If you had told me once upon a time that the repugnatican party would be putting up candidates like Sharon Angle, Carl Palladino, Linda McMahon, Christine O’Donnell and many others, I would have not been so very suprised. However if you had told me that almost all of them are in actual races with the Dem and actually have a chance of winning I would have questioned what you are taking to have put you in such a happy place…….

    All of the above mentioned are so far out of any sensiblence of mainstream that it is truly scary. Many of them have more baggage than your local Holiday Inn including tax problems, rent problems, sending racist E-mails and a host of other issues that untill very recently would have sunk any candidate. Unfortunately along with the extreme fright wing lunatic fringe, far too many moderates are picking up the pitch forks and torches to run the incumbents out of town. Simply because of the clusterfuck that has become American politics. What makes me so very ascared is that too many of these folks are simply deciding to vote for anyone but the incumbent, not even bothering to do even a cursory look at exactaly whom they are contemplating casting a vote for. This is a very real scenario of going from the frying pan to the fire……..If ya think we have an ineffective government now, picture it with these certified loons sitting in seats of power creating and voting on measures that have serious effects on our lives……..

    You may have to hold your nose real tight like when you vote. But we as a Gay community need to vote Democratic this November without fail. Clinton is no dummy. He is probably one of the most brilliant politicians this country has ever seen. His motives may be simply to keep the runway clear for a Hillary run, but he is taking action when he sees it is needed………..Because if ya don’t think these lunatics have a chance of getting elected tell that to Ted Kennedy’s ghost, he has been twising in his grave since his seat changed from Democrat for the first time in over fifty years………

  • Markie-Mark

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Plays, your points are well taken. But I’m not so afraid. GW, Cheney, Delay, Gingrich, Specter – it’s all the same crap. And we’ve lived through it. You say we “need” to vote Democratic. Well, it’s the Democrats that NEED to put marriage equality in their platform and they NEED to tell all the blue dogs to get on board or get out of the way. But even if the Democrats deserved to be saved we make up such a small minority that we can’t do it alone. And the vast majority of voters are really angry. They voted for change and they got the same old crap but with different speeches.

    Now, I have never voted for a Republican in my life. But I’m Green now. Marriage equality is in their platform and has been since 1990 (I believe). If the Democrats lose in November and 2012 they will have no one to blame but themselves.

  • dfrw

    Sean Bielat opposes gay marriage and supports DADT, so naturally GOProud and GayPatriot endorse him. I’ll never understand it.

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