Does Barney Frank Need Bill Clinton To Keep His House Seat In November?

Just because former President Bill Clinton is coming to Massachusetts today to campaign for Rep. Barney Frank doesn’t mean the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is scared of Republican Sean Bielat, the 35-year-old man challenging the 70-year-old incumbent. “I’m frankly surprised at the question, ‘Why are you campaigning?,” says Frank about the notion that bringing in Clinton is a defense move. “Am I supposed to not campaign? Or am I supposed to campaign ineffectively?”

And as for Clinton? It’s a chance to reassert himself as the (likable) face of Democrats.

Or their savior: In addition to Frank, who hasn’t faced a tough re-election battle since the 80s, the former commander-in-chief is campaigning in Connecticut for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who suddenly finds himself in an actual race for a U.S. Senate seat with former pro wrestling exec Linda McMahon.