pulling ahead

Don Jr. just took the lead in race to determine dumbest member of Trump klan

It appears Donald Trump Jr. is giving his brother, Eric, a run for his money when it comes to deciding which one of Donald Trump’s adult offspring is the dumbest.

The ex-president’s eldest son attempted to mock President Joe Biden during a press conference he gave on Tuesday regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. But, like always, his attempt at trolling backfired spectacularly.

“Biden really makes reading a teleprompter look hard,” the 43-year-old tweeted.

Within minutes, swarms of commenters flooded his mentions with clips, quotes, and memes of his own father garbling his words during speeches and press conferences.

Check out some of the responses…

Last week, Don Jr. was met with a similar response when he tried trolling liberals by suggesting voters should be required to show their vaccine cards in order to cast their ballots.

What he failed to realize is that surveys have consistently found that Democrats are much more likely to report having been vaccinated against the coronavirus than Republicans, and Republicans are much more likely to say that they definitely won’t get vaccinated.

Keep going, Junior! You’re almost to the finish line!

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.