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Donald Trump was asked directly about Melania and gave some VERY sketchy answers, even for him

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

We’ve learned that Donald Trump gets very, very upset when you ask him about Melania.

And when you do ask him, don’t expect a straight answer.

Trump appeared this week on Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast, marking the first time they’ve been together in seven years. (For those who forget, Trump accused the ex-Fox News host of having “blood coming out of her wherever” during the first Republican debate in 2015.)

But those sexist words are apparently history between the two. They sat down for a friendly conversation, in which Kelly asked Trump a few softball questions about his family life.

Still, the four-time indicted ex-president seemed flummoxed. Trump can rant and rave for hours about hoaxes and conspiracies, but when Kelly asked him about Melania’s whereabouts and what a typical evening at home was like, he was virtually speechless.

“Our dinners are…nice,” he said timidly. “Our dinners are like other people’s dinners. We get along.”

Sooo romantic and heartfelt! Yes, this is totally a normal marriage…

When Kelly asked Trump whether Melania is misunderstood, he started rambling about Barbara Walters and her failed efforts to interview early 20th-century Hollywood icon Greta Garbo (never forget, Trump is camp)!

“I think part of [Melania’s] beauty is that mystery,” he said before launching into his weird soliloquy about Walters and Garbo.

“I said [to Walters], ‘You’ve interviewed everybody, who was the one that you would like to interview more than anybody else?’ She said, ‘That’s easy, Greta Garbo.’ She was a great actress. But she was very reclusive, never did an interview. I don’t see Melania as like that, but she’s introspective, and she’s confident,” he said.

Melania may be introspective, but she’s also apparently DONE. She hasn’t appeared at any of her husband’s arraignments or court appearances, and has been absent from the campaign trail.

Since Trump announced his latest presidential bid, she’s only given one brief interview to Fox News, in which she claimed that she fully backed her husband’s candidacy.

“He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength,” she said.

Those dinners…so nice.

Over the weekend, some of Trump’s critics took a stunt out of his playbook, and trolled him at the Iowa-Iowa State football game with a “Where’s Melania?” banner that flew overhead.

In addition, flyers were being distributed amongst the crowd claiming the ex-FLOTUS was “missing” and urging anyone who’s seen her to please call the Mar-a-Lago security office.


While Trump blamed Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis on his Truth Social platform, the Florida governor’s campaign hasn’t claimed credit.

Despite these questions about Mrs. Trump’s whereabouts, the Menace from Mar-a-Lago still leads “Meatball Ron” by a whopping margin in Iowa.

Melania is sure missing a helluva campaign!