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Don’t Call Them “Twinks”: NY’s Heaven Gets All 18+

GayCities/Queerty photoblogger JJ Keyes snuck into Heaven on Saturday night for the 18+ dance party and had flashbacks to the old Kurfew parties at the Tunnel. Last weekend Heaven (formerly  known as Rush, formerly known as Heaven) reopened after a brief makeover. After a few Gin & Tonics JJ wasn’t sure it was 1999 or 2011 until POP DJ Steve Sidewalk caught him up with some new Rihanna.

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  • Daez

    Someone care to tackle the issue of 50+ year old men that are so attracted to 18 year old boys that its almost compelling. Its almost as bad as the priest being attracted to children thing, except admittedly the 18 year old boys can consent. Its just borderline disgusting really.

  • Kalexandrian

    @Daez: i agree. if they’re old enough to be your father they have no business with you.

  • Jon B

    I’m glad they have somewhere to go (these kids). For one thing it makes them happy to have a place to dance and party. For another, it keeps a lot of them from trying to get into good bars. Am I the only one who can’t stand 18-21 year old queens?

  • Alex

    @Jon B:

    Yes. You are the only one who’s ignorant to hate young people for being young and using epithets like “queen.”

  • ggreen

    IMHO: With the exception of photo 11 all the bois look like lesbian femmes.

  • George412

    They need to start using sunscreen and moisturizing. A lot of these “18 – 21 year olds” look a lot older. Protect your skin guys!

  • Jeffree

    Amen @George412. Sunscreen 365 days a year! And it’s great that the 18-21 set has a place to go. Before I reached 21 (well, before my ID did….) it was late-night coffee spots for my crew. The lighting was very unforgiving!

  • Tony

    I’m not gonna lie…I just don’t get the “twink” thing. I just don’t find skinny shapeless, flat-assed feminine white boys dancing around like Britney Spears one bit appealing. And no, I’m not saying you have to be a roided up hunk either, but I like men…normal, everyday men. And no, it’s not because I’m 38. I didn’t like guys like these in my 20’s.

  • Gay Veteran

    @Alex: Thank you Alex. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Gay Veteran

    @ggreen: Will you guys stop with the homophobia.

    “IMHO: With the exception of photo 11 all the bois look like lesbian femmes.”

    I really feel sorry for self loathing idiots who feel the need to make comments like this.

  • kuy

    @Gay Veteran: I wouldn’t call that homophobia, since hating feminine things is not the same as hating relationships between people of the same sex. It looks more like misogyny to me.

  • Ganondorf

    I thought twinks were supposed to be hot. These are twugs, and whatever the portmanteau of twink and fat is. And this given that people (men) age like bread, not wine.

  • Zack

    @Daez: Someone care to tackle how you equate this posting of people having a fun night out to be about 50 year olds being sexual interested in 18 years olds..

  • Bronxite

    More proof that Manhattan has the worst-looking femmiest looking guys. The straight boys in the Bronx and Brooklyn, as well as straight (and gay) twinks in Indiana and NJ look like “twinks” but like twinks-who-can-kick-ass.

  • Gay Veteran

    @kuy: Well I consider it homophobia because his comment discriminates against those gay men who are naturally feminine. Misogyny is good too.

  • Austindudexxx

    23 year old here…

    “Twinks” do nothing for me, even if I’m still considered one of them. I’ve been with a couple and they are as boring in real life as they are in bed. I’d rather have a real man who knows what he’s doing…my best lays have been men over 30. You guys know what you’re doing!

  • Guy

    I’m going to confess to some stupidity here. I reading this from Australia where the legal drinking age is 18. It’s not until I saw a 21 stamp on the hand of one of the girls in the pics that I realised what the big deal of an 18+ club is :) Good to hear the non-legals have somewhere to have fun too.

  • common sense

    Its very simple, is a bunch of pedophiles who will have sex with these kids and thier friends to satisfy there needs, kids dont have much money, so who pays? Older guys who love boys. Its simple these people are not doing an act of goodness. I support the idea of a place for younger males, but its whats behind the scene !!!

  • Riker

    @common sense: ummm, 18+ people is not paedophilia, sort of by definition

  • common sense

    These boys are not all 18+ we all know that! some are 15, 16 yrs old. At the same time whats the objective to open a bar where 21 yr olds can drink and 15-18+ are there for what? Your not seeing the picture, go to the club and you will find 50 and 60 yr olds trying to have sex with these boys. Its like NAMBLA in a legal/ illegal way!!! I have seen these clubs and I have been around. I know what they do.

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