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Don’t Let Larry King Interview Drying Paint, Let Alone Lady Gaga

It was like watching Glenn Beck interview Rep. Eric Massa: An hour of television that could’ve been a thrilling moment in on-air chatting, Larry King’s interview with Lady Gaga was instead a boring and trivial creampuff session between two people who wear suspenders.

King, notorious for conducting his research on Wikipedia, asks the questions that have been covered a thousand times before: How’d you get your name? Did you always want to be a pop star? Are you wearing underwear?

Here’s the part about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Madonna and the Catholic Church, topics only one of which we should really value her thoughts on above anybody else’s. Surprise: You already know what she’s going to say.

And here’s the part where King asks whether she prefers penises or vaginas. Jesus.

No, Larry King’s interviews with young ingenues are not for the fans she has already; they’re for 70-year-olds who see Gaga on the cover of Time and go, “Who?” Essentially, Larry King.