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Which “Drag Race” queen was just banned from “All Stars”?

“If you want to know the real tea, I had a producer for RuPaul’s Drag Race call me after the interview aired and guaranteed me that I will never come back and do All Stars.

I was never dumb enough to think that I’d be invited back to All Stars and I was definitely not gunning for it at all, but to openly punish me for being honest about a situation that happened with me after four years of silence is disgusting and shameful.

This narrative about how we Drag Race contestants owe our lives to RuPaul’s Drag Race — that needs to completely change… I’m finally at the place in my life where I’m confident enough to know that I would have been somebody with or without Drag Race…

Drag Race catapults a few of us to some major success, but what about the other drag queens that are on Drag Race who are getting daily death threats, or the ones that completely quit doing drag altogether, or the ones who are reduced to “who?!” by you guys online because they haven’t reached a level of success that you expect…

On a positive note, I do think that my time on the show, and my experience, opened up an alternative idea of how a drag queen is “supposed to act”, thus allowing future contestants to be as introverted or cerebral as what feels natural to them.” — Pearl, in a YouTube upload responding to the response her Hey Qween interview received.

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