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  • L

    I thought that was a picture of Kenneth the page on 30 Rock (Jack McBrayer).

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Sad. The end of his marriage (to a dying woman) and his political career all for that little patch of fur. I just don’t understand straight men.

  • ajax

    Ten months ago, I would have voted that man into the Oval Office. Now, I wouldn’t give him directions to the subway.

  • Alexa

    Ajax, I feel the same. I wasn’t even bothered by the revelation that he cheated at first (it happens), but the obvious lying and that awful TV interview he did changed all that.

    From that link, wasn’t it Elizabeth who was seen without her wedding ring on, not her husband?

  • Mark

    Oh come on now people he had an affair big fucking deal, he’s a man, who probably hadn’t had sex in years and was running for president and dealing with the pressures of home and a dying wife he deserved a little distraction, don’t you think?

    Especially on a LGBT blog I would have thought there would be more compassion and understanding about men and their sexual needs. Sex is important and human and as part of who we are as eating is.

    Would we get upset if he’d eaten too much at the buffet table? Testosterone is a reality and from what I can see there are a rare few men who can keep it in there pants. I don’ think his personal life has any bearing on his ability to be a good president.

  • ajax

    Mark, as far as I know, Mr. Edwards pledged his fidelity to his wife. If he was unable to keep that pledge, he should have been a MAN and discussed it with his wife. If Mrs. Edwards wanted to continue in a marriage with a man who wanted to break the pledge, she’s capable to make that decision. And apparently, she has.

    I’m a gay man and, for almost thirty years, I’ve expressed my sexuality only with men. For most of those thirty years, I’ve avoided sexual contact with childish, peurile idiots who lie and cheat.

    I have no compassion for Mr. Edward’s behavior. His behavior is especially unseemly for someone with his advantages, his educational level, and his age. He knows better and Mrs. Edwards deserves better.

    The US deserves better.

  • fredo777


    CJimmy, I thought it was Kenneth, too.

    As for John, I’ll take him (I’m better in bed than Capt. Jack). ;P

  • blake

    I think it’s sad and I agree with Mark that because someone has an affair, it doesn’t mean that person is worthless. He made a terrible mistake. But that mistake is between him and his wife.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    John Edwards actually was the best thing for Barack Obama and now the Democrats with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Goverment about to go Dem! Too bad he is such a Schmuck that he will literally be a pariah to the Democratic Party forever. I heard that Hillary has a Voodoo doll of him next to her President Bill Voodoo Doll!

    John Edwards for Ambassador to Belarus!

  • Alexa

    I defended Edwards at first, both before and after he admitted the affair, but then I realized just how much he lied (over and above the cheating) and just how incredibly selfish he had been. It was the height of stupidity to go and see the woman and the child (who I now believe is his, despite his denials), both for the chance of getting caught and the affair being made public, and because it seems like he was STILL seeing her behind Elizabeth’s back, even after telling her it was long over. Imagine if he had been picked as Obama’s running mate before the affair came out, or even as the actual candidate – McCain would be a shoo in right now. No, it’s not the affair that’s the problem, it’s the lying, selfishness and stupidity that followed.

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