eHarmony Is Getting Sued (Finally)

Neil Clark Warren eHarmony

Ever since it first burst upon the scene in 2003 with its “scientific” approach to finding everyone’s perfect love match, Dr. Neil Clark Warren‘s eHarmony has also disappointed gay men by only allowing them to find love matches with women. It’s quite a bait and switch really, since many of the gays we know love filling out surveys, and the eHarmony signup process is a survey aficionado’s wet dream.

In the beginning, we figured they hadn’t yet configured their database to allow samesex matches, but it goes deeper and darker than that. eHarmony got its first big financial bump from “Dr.” James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and remains beholden to the organization to this day.

The religious ties of the dating site run so deep that they even require their straight customers to be fully divorced before enrolling. That is the reason a California lawyer who is finishing up his divorce is suing the company. He thinks that women should decide for themselves whether or not he, as a still-married man, is worth the trouble. From the nature of his case, we suspect he is quite a handful, ladies, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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