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  • DavidDust

    I have every single one of those outfits in MY closet too!!

  • Mark Walsh

    I have to write, not so much because I think that much about fashion as Ellen brings to mind my mom, who was a lesbian who grew up on a farm in No Dakota . She had to plw and milk cows from an early age. She was a tomboy.
    Living a housewife’s life, she had a hell of a time with female accoutrements at all. We lived on a farm so she had a justification to dress pretty much as she wanted in cowboy boots and jeans. She did have to go to church etc in a bougeoise community, and the outfits she choose were often questionable. probably like me trying to go in female drag–really bad. One of her best times was when Ellen came out! Partly I’m sure that they shared the same trouble knowing how to fit their identies and societies expectations,
    I remamber trying to go in drag and wear high heels falling on my face etc.

  • Anya

    How cool is it that even in high school she has that ironic smirk! It’s like, wtf is this prom I have to go and do….

  • Steven

    Instead of focusing on wardrobe modernization, I think it would be nice if Mrs. DeGeneres would focus more on the plight of fellow gays and lesbians. While Ellen certainly did a great deal for the community by making the bold move of coming out of the closet, risking her career to some degree. I think presently she has become somewhat complacent. With ratings to rival Oprah Winfrey, she certainly has the audience necessary to make major change and the clout to demand the show cover the topics of her choosing. While I think the argument can be made that she does a service by proving how “normal” a gay person can be, I would like to see an occasional reference to her wife or issues in the gay media.

  • David Gelbart


    She does mention Portia on the show sometimes.

  • molly

    I would like to clarify a few innaccurate statements that have been made on this story by posters. 1. Ellen does not have similar tv ratings of Oprah. The Harris Poll asked about likeablility. That is not the same thing as ratings and viewership. If you check the tv ratings, Oprah in her worst week still had double the viewing audience as Ellen’s show. (source: This website is the industry source for all tv ratings. 2. Ellen does mention Portia. Unfortunatley, too much now. Since the writer’s strike, Ellen mentions Portia almost daily in her monologues. I feel at times that Ellen borders on pimping her relationship with Portia DeRossi. I understand the need to mention her partner but not everyday. I would not tune into Oprah’s show if she were on talking about Stedman everyday. I think Ellen is starting to go down that same slippery slope like she did on her tv sitcom from the 90’s. After Ellen’s character came out on the show, every week became about I am gay and the show’s primary function to make the audience laugh seemed to take a back seat and thus her viewership went down and her show was cancelled. As a lesbian myself, I do not want to hear about her partner everyday when I tune in to the show.I am all for occassionally a tv host talking about their home life, but just not everyday or every other day.I often times feel that she waves Portia like she is a trophy. I dislike seeing a male do that to a female and I do not like seeing a female appear to do the same thing.

  • molly

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post. After Ellen’s breakup with Anne Heche, she stated that she would never again over expose her personal relationship in the media because it made the media focus around them like a circus. It seems as though she has forgotten that and is repeating that same pattern in her relationship with Portia DeRossi. A person can still be out and not tell every detail of their relationship to the media. Maybe, this is some sort of PR campaign by Ellen because of the recent “relationship problem” rumors that were in the press this past October? Either way, she still does not have to over-expose her personal relatinships like that. She can still have a happy and loving relationship without that un-needed circus that over-exposure can create.

  • Jennifer

    Ellen and Portia are the real thing! Ellen should be able to talk about her wife on the show; and there is no risk because these two are forever!

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