Ellen Buys TV Time To Fight For Gay Nups

Ellen’s tearing up the activist scene.

The lesbian funny lady this week released a video urging voters to vote “no” on California’s Proposition 8, which – as you should know by now – would overturn gay marriage in the Golden State.

The commercial is all well and good, but Ms. DeGeneres has only just started. The No On 8 campaign informs us that the comedienne has used $100,000 of her own cash to buy up television time to further spread her progressive message.

Ellen DeGeneres has made a media buy to urge Californians to vote NO on Proposition 8. The effort was partially revealed Tuesday when Ellen released a special video to confront false and misleading scare tactics used by those supporting the proposition. DeGeneres is purchasing television time for her ad to underscore the importance of this fight and broaden the reach of the spot.

Campaign director Patrick Guerriero couldn’t be more pleased about the news, saying, via press release, “[Ellen’s] generous contribution to the campaign comes just at the right moment – and is done in a way that ensures her conversation with voters continues to Election Day. And it delivers our message that Proposition 8 is unfair and just plain wrong.”