Embattled adult star Billy Santoro gets the heave-ho from his landlord over “meet & greets”

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Billy Santoro, the Australia-based adult film star, just got evicted by his landlord. The reason: Santoro and his husband, Gage, did not follow COVID-19 social distance procedures when hosting a “get together” to work from home.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that neighbors spotted a moving van outside the Monument Apartments where Billy & Gage once lived. Last month, reports stated that neighbors had complained to building management about loud music and noises coming from their apartment, as well as a large string of “guests” arriving to film adult content. The couple also had the police called to their home several times this year.

Said behavior got the couple evicted. Their landlord served the pair with an eviction notice on the grounds of “disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of surrounding lots with extreme noise” and “failing to practice social distancing during meet-and-greets organized via social media.”

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The news marks an ignominious end to a year of scandals plaguing Santoro. In June, Santoro sparked a backlash on social media for racist diatribes.

“Lol. America! Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest. Wake the f*ck up. Shoot first,” Santoro declared on Facebook.

“Blacks will just breed more hatred towards them,” he wrote in another post.

“Just putting this out there…I have never been ‘gay-bashed’ Called ‘faggot’ etc. from a white, redneck Trump supporter. But I have been by African American men who live in Shaw in DC. #justsayin,” Santoro wrote in yet another rant.

Santoro issued an apology on Twitter in October, blaming his rants and housing woes on meth addiction. “I’ve said some things that I totally regret,” Santoro said in his Twitter post, “which I apologize for and by no way mean, while under the influence. I finally woke up one day and hit rock bottom. Me and my husband Gage both have an addiction that we’re fighting, and it’s been hard. We have all the tools to recover but it’s been very hard. Gage and I made our choice, to choose each other over a drug…we need our friends and fans to rally behind us and help us through this time. I want people to see that this drug does to you.”

Here’s hoping that Billy & Gage find a new place to live soon…possibly in a rehab facility.

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