Enjoy Your iPad More Than Ever Before With The New Fleshlight Mount

via Austin Wilde on Twitter

Here’s one way to get around the porn block in Apple’s puritanical App Store: Stop trying to make porn-friendly software and focus that energy on making some extremely porn-friendly hardware.

The brilliant inventor behind Fleshjack’s new iPad attachment did just that. We first reported the proposed design of the first-ever Fleshjack holder for the underside of your iPad back in February 2012, but this week, we’re happy to report that it’s finally here and available for purchase.

The idea behind the new “LaunchPAD” mount is simple. It’s essentially an iPad case that firmly attaches a Fleshjack to the actual iPad, allowing users to “enjoy content or communicate live with a friend” while also enjoying the sex toy conveniently strapped to the bottom.

“The unique placement of the Fleshlight product in relationship to the iPad allows the user to fully immerse himself in POV — ‘Point of View’ – pornographic content,” says Fleshlight. It looks pretty bulky at first, but the LaunchPAD’s revolutionary design has been winning the hearts of gay porn stars who were sent promo models this week to “test” and review on Twitter. Gay porn legend Austin Wilde reportedly loves the toy so much, he’ll be offering a live demonstration on his website soon.

Check out a SFW demonstration of the product below, and tell us how many you’re planning to order. (The video is SFW but includes suggestive shots of anatomical structures. Translation: No nudity, except for the Fleshlight hole that looks like a man hole):

h/t The Sword