The entire Internet comes for ‘Bachelorette’ d-bag after he makes transphobic “joke”

Bryce Powers from the upcoming season of The Bachelorette is more than just a pretty face. He’s also kind of a dirtbag.

This week, the bios for the season 13 contestants were released and–oh, guess what?–one of the guys has already cracked a transphobic “joke.”

When asked what his what his biggest dating fear was, Bryce replied: “The chick is actually a dude.”

Whether the 30-year-old firefighter from Orlando meant to insult an entire community of people who are already marginalized or is just that dense is unclear, but as Elite Daily points out:

Careless statements like his only serve to further alienate the trans community. They continue to perpetuate our society’s popular, yet wildly incorrect assumption that trans people are simply “men disguised as women” or vice versa, seeking only to deceive innocent dudes, like himself.

The Internet was not having any of Bryce’s transphobia either:

But if Bryce is the least bit bothered by the response his remarks have gotten, he doesn’t appear to be showing it. Rather than, say, issue an apology or offer an explanation for what he said, he tweeted this:

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  • DCguy

    He has a SCORCHING case of “GayFace”. My guess is, he’s a closet case trying WAAAAAAAY too hard.

  • alterego1980

    Not only is he an ignorant jerk, but his big square jowls are not attractive and an insult to John McCain.

  • Ken A.

    Doesn’t make him transphobic. I don’t want to date a transgendered fem to male. I want a guy who was born a guy, not one made into a guy. I have no problem with transgendered, it is just my preference.

    • dwes09

      It kind of does. I am not interested in sex with f-t-m guys, especially if they have their birth genitals (ie: Buck Angel might be handsome, but not at all sexy to me). And if someone didn’t tell me prior to getting intimate I’d have to defer with a polite “sorry it just does not work for me”.
      This guy was asked what his “biggest fear” was. Huge difference there, and not a little scary.

    • Hermes

      No, I agree – I am gay, I have no interest in dating a trans guy – so why would I blame a person for not wanting to date a trans girl? I don’t think that’s a matter of transphobia. Saying you think transsexuals are demon possessed or evil or crazy or wrong – that’s transphobia. Saying you don’t want to date one or that you fear being fooled… I see that as just a statement of fact. Now I’m long out of the dating pool, having a partner for 25 years now, and we have kids – but – if I were in it, that would be not a fear for me, but a no-starter. If we want to be respected, we must respect others – and it is not respect to try to lie to them.


    • Chris

      Ok, I just registered with this site so I could reply to this comment: TRANSGENDERED is NOT a word. Thank you.

    • DarkZephyr

      He called finding himself on a date “with a dude” his “biggest fear”. Like he feels abject terror at the idea of such a thing. That makes him both transphobic and homophobic. And as was pointed out, the word is not “transgendered” like it was something that was actively done to a person. Its simply “transgender”. An immutable trait.

    • Danny595

      dwes09 – Nobody cares about your sexual preferences any more. Look in the mirror. That having been said, I would be interested in how many sex partners you have racked up in your 70 years. You come off as really promiscuous.

    • MJSchlip

      This is for chris that says “Transgendered is not a word”

      More specifically its listed as of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth; especially : of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth.

      So yes it is a word. Rather you like it or not. Sorry.

  • Chris

    Fear is not a preference. So at the risk of parsing phrases, this guy comes off as being ignorant and even more…

    • 1EqualityUSA

      How are there two ‘Chris’ sign-on names? This guy has gay-face as if Jason Chaffetz and Donny Osmond had a love child. Are his “worst fears” are his deepest desires? Grow a chin.

  • barkomatic

    This was definitely an insensitive comment to make and doesn’t give me a good impression of his character. While he should be called out on his remark, I think the social media reaction is extreme and out of proportion–as always. Fighting hate with hate is not going to turn out well for anyone in the long run.

    • Hermes

      It doesn’t change my assessment of his character at all. He didn’t call for killing trans people, didn’t say they were terrible or stealing children, or demonically evil. He said his biggest fear was being fooled by one. I wouldn’t want to date a transman – and I can understand him not wanting to date a transwoman. Likewise I would not want to be fooled by a transman leading me to believe he was a born man… so his fear makes sense to me. Honesty matters. People lose their mind when someone fools them about prior sex…. why would they not lose their mind when someone lies to them about what gender they were born?

    • DarkZephyr

      Hermes, the fact that you are using the word “fooled” here explains exactly why you don’t consider this a flaw of character. Its a flaw that you share with him. Transwomen aren’t dudes, so nobody is being “fooled” into thinking they are with a woman when they are really with a man.

      In addition, its one thing to not prefer to date transwomen, its another thing entirely to call it your BIGGEST FEAR.

  • WEBOne

    Too bad his “new threads” don’t come with a locking ball gag…

    • dwes09

      He is saving that for the “fantasy suite” night if he makes it that far, and if the bachelorette knows how to use it on him.
      This show is one of my guilty pleasures, it is a bizarre indictment of the commercialization of courting and of the worship of shallow self-absorbed people who happen to be moderately pretty.
      But lots of flexing, bare skin and odd interaction. How can these folks (who are moderately articulate and of at least average intelligence) not understand you cannot forge a real relationship while playing to the cameras 24/7?

  • He BGB

    He do have some big jowls. And trying to hide it with a semi beard? He just has a weird face. Anyway, I think I world worry more that she was a werewolf, or a daughter of Satan. Or her labia has teeth. I can think of a lot worse things than trans.

  • OrlandoAndy

    He’s from Central Florida, the site of the most horrific hate crime attack in U.S. history, and he says shit like that? Even the most insensitive jackass around here would know better than to make such a comment , and he is a public employee who deals with citizens on a daily basis. As an old [almost 70] straight male I am embarrassed that his type haven’t been culled from the herd yet, and as a human being the idea of planting my foot so far up his ass that he’ll see wing tips when he brushes his teeth has great appeal.

  • Marvellis1

    If he were a fish, he would be a dumb bass.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      bass erasure.

  • Kirk99

    I think there’s a certain amount of over reaction here. While there’s nothing wrong with a person being transgendered certainly we reserve to ourselves, without judgment, the sex of the person we wish to date.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    i thought he was a fireman. or does he think he’s the yellow power ranger?

  • He BGB

    Keebler elf face . Face shaped like a loaf of bread. Been reading comments on other online articles. Hopefully bachelorette will delete him first

  • Captain Obvious

    It’s actually meant to be racist rather than transphobic. Black women are often said to look like men by racists. I haven’t even seen the show but have seen the commercials and she looks nothing like a man…

  • Danny595

    lol. The “whole internet” coming after him seems to consist of about 5 tweets from underemployed transgenders. He said nothing wrong. He’s a straight guy so of course it will be a turnoff if a woman he was dating turned out to be a man. Transgenders want to bully people into dating them and since they can’t use the coercive power of the state to force people to date them, all they have left is twitter rage.

  • Prax07

    I see nothing wrong with what he ssid either. I’d never date a transwhatever either. And if I was ever talking to a cute guy online and he turned out to be a she by birth, then buh-bye.

  • OzJosh

    Frankly, I find many of the responses insulting Bryce far more rude, offensive and uncivilised than his original comment. At worse, he was a bit gauche. There is nothing to indicate he intended the comment as a slur. I’m gay and have trans friends, and I’m completely comfortable with them. But I still wouldn’t have any interest in dating a trans person, in much the same way as I’m not really into guys with head-to-toe tattoos. Attacking the poor guy for stating a preference (on a show that’s all about dating preferences), is the douchey move here. And attacking the guy for his looks is just appalling bad manners.

    • ChrisK

      I know some Trans that love to talk about tricking the straight guys. So it is there and I can see a guys concern over it happening.

    • RogerNOLA

      Agreed! He may have been a douchebag….but slinging hate and shade even worse than his….tacky!

  • DuMaurier

    I doubt this is seriously his ‘biggest fear’; are we not all pretty sure he was trying to be funny? Not very wittily; that old joke about a guy having sex with a gorgeous girl and finding a penis is pretty stale, but I don’t know that it’s ‘transphobic’, since it doesn’t necessarily denote a trans woman; the punch line is the male genitalia, not gender identity (and to DarkZephyr: yes, trans women are women, but if they still have male genitals, yes, it is ‘fooling’ not to give the guy a heads-up ahead of time. Sorry, but that’s an obligation trans women have that cis women don’t)

  • oz1967

    Well I am shocked a Reality TV fame-whore who is an dumb ass-hat I am just shocked

  • Jack Meoff

    What makes this guy such a bigot is that the question he was asked had nothing to do with trans people but he found it necessary to bring up this topic anyway. It makes you wonder what made his mind make that leap. Sounds like the guys has some deep seeded issues on the matter.

  • JessPH

    It’s not transphobic to choose to not date a transgender.

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